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    its a really good movie.but my point is that they used a lot of stuff from the splinter cell games.they used social stealth from conviction,and sneaking like in the others.and mark walberg might be a good candidate for sam in the movie.doesn't sound/look like him much.but compared to some they are thinking about.i guess he could pass for a young sam.

    but watching it they do a lot of stuff that are in the games.

    they used the hoody,walkie talky,distractions,blending in with the crowd,quick take downs.thats some of the stuff from conviction.he does alot of sneaking around people.and he uses his knife a lot in this one part. the way sam would do it ,stealthily
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    and how do you make a signature
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    Click Go
    then go over personal zone
    then click profile
    then click View/Edit Complete Profile
    then go down and you will see Signature
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    they used a lot of stuff from the splinter cell games.
    i would say in many way Shooter an the new SC game has the same ideas.

    and both of them even has similar storyline witch involve with the main charator as a running fugitive.

    the diffrent between is Shooter works great as an action movie witch end up with lots of "shoot'em up scene".
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    but mostly he tries to stay hidden.and like the house seen he knows the whole thing is a trap and and gets in the house stealthily but since he knew it was a trap he put those bombs around the place so when the other soldiers came he waited for them to fall in his own trap.and when you have a hundred some guys coming to you at the same time at all directions he really had no choice.and him being a sniper and the title being shooter he does shoot a lot of people,but he does it unnoticed/unseen.
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