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    how do i install far cry 2 in 64 bit mode? i have windows 7 home premium 64 bit.
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    Do the following:

    Locate the game's installer i.e.Setup.exe. Right click on this setup file and select "Properties" from the sub menu. After this, a small window will open, so click on the Compatibility tab.

    At the bottom of this tab, you will see an option named 'Privilege Level'. Check/tick the box that says Run this program as an administrator. And also at the top of this Compatibility tab you will see an option "Run this program in compatibility mode for:". Also Check this box, and from the drop-down menu select Windows XP (service pack 3), or Windows Vista. Click on Apply and then on the OK button. Now run the game's installer.

    You can also Right-click on the Setup.exe installer, and select the “Troubleshoot compatibility” option.

    You can also try disabling UAC (User Account Control) under Win 7.

    1. Go to the following location: Start Menu -- Control Panel -- User Accounts and Family Safety -- User Account.

    2. Click on the User Account Control settings link.

    3. DRAG the Slider all the way down to 'Never Notify'. Click on OK, and then REBOOT your PC. (Important).

    Another method: Click on the Win 7 Start button and type regedit. Navigate to the following registry path:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Policies\System. Locate the following REG_DWORD entry on the right hand side: EnableLUA. Change it's value to 0, and then REBOOT your PC. You can also change the Value of the reg entry ConsentPromptBehaviorAdmin, to 0. But it's not necessary.


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    yes but i want to install the 64 bit version. Do they not have a 64 bit version?
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    This game does not support windows 7, so I dont think you will have any luck with that.

    After you install the game you will have another problem of downloading custom maps... once you get the game installed search on the forums for a thread called "Windows 7 bug fixed", or something along those lines. The fix can also be found at, there is a tab at the top that says "Windows 7 fix".
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    Originally posted by trigun123478:
    yes but i want to install the 64 bit version. Do they not have a 64 bit version?
    Apologies for not understanding your query before, but that's the only game installer which comes with it. You should have absolutely NO problem as such installing the game on a 64 bit OS, but if the installer pops up any error message, then you can follow the method which I have given above.

    There is NO separate 64 bit installer, or any 64 bit conversion Patch for Far Cry 2. The installer which comes with the game, should work on all OS. (Though there are some old PC titles, whose installer does not work on a 64 bit OS).

    The game can be easily played on Win 7 64 bit. But, should you run into any issues, or face a lag while gaming, give the following links a read:

    "Extremely Sorry" for this, but I couldn't find any other Forum threads related to 'Win7/64 bit' etc., which were having any specific gameplay query, apart from the above. 'Because it looks cheap/bad on my side to provide links containing my own replies/tips'. But you can try searching/browsing the PC/Tech Forums, for more help.

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    Thanks for your reply.
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    If i'm not wrong this is the WIN 7 fix:

    - WINDOWS 7 FIX:
    Download the winhttp.dll and place it into youre main FC2/Bin Folder.
    The same where you can find The Game / Editor & FC Server Laucher.
    This is the winhttp.dll from Windows XP.
    **Works for 32 and 64 bit**
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    just for everyones information. if you have windows 7 you can just use the dll with the same name, found in the same folder, but from windows vista.

    this is usefull if you have a laptop running vista 32 bit or something because you can just get it from that. no downloading from questionable dll sites required. also someone needs to check out the final verdict on this file version thing because im using the winhttp.dll from my vista32 laptop and its version 6.1xxx i believe. so whats the actual version of this xp dll.

    also though as a warning, if you are going to source your own winhttp.dll from one of your vista machines, the same rule still applies. DO NOT place it in the system 32 folder.

    i know this may seem pointless but there might be people reading who have a second machine, which runs vista, and who dont want to download dll's from random websites. this way they have the assurance of knowing they already have the file.


    but i do have some questions of my own which i might even have to test myself. when you install fc2 in vista, does this winhttp.dll install along with the game into your bin directory. i assume that it doesnt because the file is present in the system32 folder. is this correct?

    but then this raises a further question. what about just finding the winhttp.dll which is already on your pc if you have windows7 (in both the system32 folder and syswow) and then copying it into the bin folder. would this work, and if not then why?

    the reason why these questions seem relevant to me is because of something that has been confusing me since this issue came up. if normally fc2 uses the dll from the system32 folder. then how the heck does it know to look in a totally different directory (the fc2 bin folder) to use the dll?

    surely that makes no sense to begin with because it would only be looking in one directory. can someone please clarify this?
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    FarCry 2 does not have a 64 bit version like FarCry 1 did.. But, I use Win 7 64 bit and had no problems installing either FarCry 1 64 bit or FarCry 2.

    But, I always disable the UAC and all annoying windows security popup notifications (there are like 5 different ones) I am a big boy, I know what I am installing on my PC and do not need that annoying junk to spam me all the time.

    The FarCry 2 runs perfectly with no problems.
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    Originally posted by trigun123478:
    Thanks for your reply.
    Well, that's fine. BUT, If you still run into any issues, You should always contact UBI TECH support for Proper Help/Guidance:


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