i could be wrong but if u guys play SOT again, watch the trailer as the prince first releases the sand, and the evil viziew says some magic word to let the sand spread. Carefully watch the whole scene, as the sand gets spread out, the dagger glows, and emulate of farah glows as wel as the spine of the walking stick of the vizier. And also, vizier looks like the old man in the second game? got any clue whats going on? Even if in the second ending, the dark figure is prince, could it be because when the dahaka dies, there will be no more guardians of time and that ( dark prince) was released in the end? got any ideas?

Hey also the dark figure in second ending says what is rightfully mine will be mine or some like that. I believe that there is a connection between what the dark prince said and the evil vizier, remember ? vizier wanted the dagger in the first game as the prince discovers it in maharajah's tomb... What else...The empress of time, when she and the prince was on the ship, they looked like they had intercourse, but could it be that she actually devoured him? and duplicated him? after all she is the product from the creation of time, so she got powers right?