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    okay my wish list:

    sliding in colour and camoflage system elite creation and is able to buy and post in from playstation store your very own colour paint for camoflage not just on elite ranks.

    faces of your character:
    able to make your own face that would be a semi advanced system to be able to wear all eye wear
    and hats on your character.

    custom faces:
    up to 100 custom faces to make your soldier for real.

    warpaint:up to 100 war paint to add for facial features.

    more weapons and newly up to date millitary advanced weapons.

    a selection of your own silencers and sniper silences on sniper rifles as well.

    able to rank your other team members and dress and camoflage them anyway you like and make your own faces on your other team members team member customization.

    advanced team member elite customization and ranking.

    able to advance your team members skills in the battlefeild by up grading there ability of weapons advanced customization weapon camoflage
    and gilly sniper outfits.

    customize outfits and weapons of your other team mates and more team mates 6 more team mates on the battlefeild not just two.
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    1. Decent maps - a snow themed map would be good, that requires snow cammo would be amazing.

    2. Options for eveything, offline and online.

    3. That they keep the existing vegas2 online lobby system - and not make it some automatic non-hosted room ala COD.
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    i really like the snow idea. i mean who doesn't like snow?
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