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    It is probably a stupid question easily answered hopefully.

    I am a PS3 user that uses a bluetooth headset as a mic. The problem I have is that the game or the mic doesn't quite do what I tell it to.

    If I say WMD Alpha
    I get the message that my Zulu is going to get the WMD.

    Its that or I find myself saying "Unit 2 move to Foxtrot" and the message I get is "Unit 2 attack hostile 3"

    I have done the campaign about the voice tutorial like thing. I got it to where most parts of my commands are in the optimal area where a few parts go over into the plus section. An example of what I am talking about is when they have me say something like
    Unit 2 move to Foxtrot
    Only the words Unit and Foxtrot are above the optimal line while the rest are good.
    If I lower my mic volume by 1, it tends to make everything I say below optimal lol.

    Well, any suggestions would be nice besides get a new mic or a 360. Nothing against 360s, just don't got the money to go buying everything. Most my friends play PS3 so that is why I play it.

    I will get a new mic if that IS the case. Don't got the money to go get a mic just to see that it does the exact same thing.
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    lol Man you have an accent. Plain and simple. Just say the words that aren't working slowly and clearly. I have to do the same with Alpha and Eleven, and I'm on a 360. Hope that helps ya out.
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    I have problems with "tanks" and "6."
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    i havnt had problems with units crossing to numbers and such.

    Im just having troubles saying "s" since six goes to 8 and seven goes to 11.

    altho hostile 6 has become foxtrot once and that screw my upling
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    i sound like boomhour from king of the hill in the middle of battle.
    just say the words slower.
    i have trouble with create group, it says unable to upgrade.
    P.S. ride 'em like a comanche!

    praise the endwar.
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    Originally posted by atltrancid:
    I have problems with "tanks" and "6."
    OMG! That's teh exact problem I had! And teh accent does NOT matter. Ok I was using that Jabra BT you get with WH and I had problems.
    Yes I have an accent but it's not THAT big and I can say 6 and Tanks perfect LOL! XD

    So I was getting ****ed off! I went and took my PSEye it has a mic in it that works really good. So I tried that and it worked perfect.
    I'm going to get that PS3 official BT, my friend told me it works well with EndWar (ha had no problems while playing teh demo).
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