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    I bought the Xbox 360 Controller for Windows mainly for this game as the right analog stick on my old XBox controller (w/USB passthrough) did not work on many games.

    I love this controller, it feels great and I think the new button layout is awesome.

    However, I was saddened that while the default button layout in 'options - gamepads' seemed to detect the button and axes names, the controller did not work at all.

    I found this quote on the PR sheet for the controller:

    €œUbisoft is thrilled about Microsoft€s new Xbox 360 Controller for Windows. Ubisoft€s stunning games, such as €˜Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones,€ combined with the ease of use of the Xbox 360 Controller for Windows will enable gamers to take full advantage of the features in both the game and controller.€

    Martin Sevigny

    Director of Production Technology
    Ubisoft Entertainment
    link: Xbox 360 Controller for Windows PR

    I submitted a question to support.ubi.com as to whether support for this controller will be added, but got a response that with so many controllers, the developers cannot test all of them, and I should run the patch (what patch?) to see if it helps.

    Will support for this controller be added in a future patch? I'd like to play this game like it was meant to be played, with an analog controller, so I am holding off for a while on playing it until I find out either way. Thanks.
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    Well, only Ubisoft knows if they'll add support for the pad so you'll have to ask that question to technical support (again). I'm not sure what patch they're referring to either...
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    Part of the reply I received was to post here as devs supposedly look on these boards. Maybe one of them will see it.
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    Yeah, I went a bought a 360 controller just for this cause they said that it would work. And lo'and behold, it doesn't. I really do hope they fix this soon with a patch since I have to wait on weeks more for my 360 System. Systems shipped each week. Pffft. Bunch of liers.
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    I hope too that this support is going to be added in a nick of time. I bought this controller too for prince of persia, it's a shame to see that !
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    Same problem here, it's annoying, to put it mildly. The weird thing is, in the gamepad buttons configuration menu, it defaults to the Xbox 360 pad buttons, as if it realised that is the pad connected to my PC. However, it neither reacts at all when I try to remap the buttons, nor does it work in the game.

    It works perfectly in other games (well, apart from the fact that it lacks a deadzone setting), and it's also configured correctly in Windows, so it's definitely a problem with PoP:TTT, not the pad.

    This game was the main reason I bought a new pad.
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    same problem here... really hoping to get an answer on this soon because i'm forcing myself to wait to play the game until this is adressed. another thing to consider is that the pad works *great* on sands of time and warrior within, like the game was made for it... it's just the new one that promised support for that pad that doesn't work with it. based on the 360 button naming in the game i'm guessing like others here that it's not that it isn't supported, it's that the support is somehow broken. i really want to play this game on the pc with this great pad.
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    Hello! Same here guys. I know from experience at a friends' house that this game does not work with the xbox 360 controller. I also know the xbox 360 controller to work fine on the PC with many games. So, when it did not work with PoP T2T, I decided then and there I would not be purchasing this game. Ubisoft's saying they can't possibly test every controller is like making a new product for a telephone line and then "trying it out with everyon except for Verizon or SBC for you West Coasters". In other words that excuse is bogus. It's either one of two things - an actual gross error in programming which should be fixed fast or - politics. Because, Ubisoft certainly did not test a bunch of controllers and let one that is disputed by none to be in the top ten get past them. Come on, Ubisoft. Do what you always do and get it right! My $49.95 is remaining in my pocket until you do as is several of my friends'. I want to play this game very badly but I refuse to go out and buy a game pad that's not of my chosing just to play it. If we were talking about some obscure 3rd party gamepad from another country that doesn't even use standard windows drivers, I fully understand but this, I simply do not. So please fix it, Ubisoft!
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    I also bought one. It worked for Warrior Within and it worked for need for speed:Most wanted so basically its something wrong with the game. I really hope it gets fixed.
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    Hi, first of all sorry for my bad english.
    Same problem for me and my new Xbox360 controller.
    But the sad new is that also my Thrustmaster 360 Modena Upad and Logitech Dual Action doesn't work with POPT2T!!! I have 3 gamepads (of famous brands such Thrustmaster, Logitech and Microsoft) and no one works!! Each one is recognized in the gamepad menu but in the game doesn't work.
    ****!! And in the first screens of the game there is written that is suggested to play this one with an analog controller!!
    Fantastic, my congratulations.
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