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    This is a copy of the readme file in the zip.

    I have created these skins to be used in my next movie which will be released (hopefully) in December.
    For this reason, I am asking that anyone downloading these skins, does not use them for any IL2 movie before January 01 2007.
    Please feel free to include and use these skins in any missions/campaigns and in either on or offline flying, but if you do use them for downloadable missions please include a credit to Mysticpuma for the skins, Jarink for the

    B17F template and Fly-by-Shooter for the detailed internal markings. These skins may not be used in any commercial product without prior consent of myself. I can be contacted at neilpugh34@hotmail.com

    The skins below are every reference I could find to B-17F paintwork flown by the 384th BG. All lettering and serial numbers are accurate and correct for each plane. Where possible, I have re-created the noseart from images and reference material, but, some artwork I have not been able source. For this reason I have 'recreated' or made a best guess at what the artwork may have looked like, an example of which is "Black Ghost". The Black Ghost is a hook for fly-fishing, so I sourced one of these fly's and created the artwork around it.

    What I am trying to say is that this is two-months work, and if one piece of artwork (or more) is not historically accurate, I apologise, but I am not an historian,my time is limited and I'm just and enthusiastic movie and skin
    maker! Please don't bust my balls on this issue.

    Lastly, the skins. These come in two folders for each Bomber Squadron.
    They look like 544BS and 544BS Nosearts.

    So, copy the contents of the folder into your B-17F folder in IL2 Paintschemes Folder/Skins.B17F, and the noseart into the Noseart folder in the IL2 Paintschemes folder/Noseart

    This will let you choose the skin in QMB or FMB, and then use the drop-down menu in Noseart to locate the correct noseart for the plane you have chosen. The naming convention I have used should make it easy to find and apply.

    Where the skin has a serial and no given name, that means there is no artwork available to apply.

    I realise that the use of the noseart folder means that the noseart may not be historically correctly positioned, but, the noseart looks considerably sharper using this method, and also spans the grey/green line, which is where the planes texture is wrapped around the model. Again. please do beat me up on this, it's a skinning/modelling problem that only Oleg could fix.

    And so, here is the list of what you will be getting in this skin pack. Please use it, enjoy it, and if you feel happy with the results, leave a little feedback in the relevant forums that you found the link to download from.

    After all, it's free and it's just a little courteous to offer a comment to make the effort worth while, so cheers to all of you who d/l this, Mysticpuma.

    PS, please do not remove this readme from the extracted files, thanks.

    In this pack are these skins:


    384th_544_23041 SUH.bmp
    384th_544_25889 SUA .bmp
    384th_544_124560 SUA .bmp
    384th_544_ Kathy Jane.bmp
    384th_544_Barrel House Bessie.bmp
    384th_544_Broadway Rose.bmp
    384th_544_Dallas Rebel.bmp
    384th_544_El Rauncho.bmp
    384th_544_Flak Dancer.bmp
    384th_544_Flak House.bmp
    384th_544_Liberty Belle.bmp
    384th_544_Louisiana Purchase.bmp
    384th_544_M Honey.bmp
    384th_544_Miss Carriage.bmp
    384th_544_Miss Deal.bmp
    384th_544_Mr Five By Five.bmp
    384th_544_No Name Jive.bmp
    384th_544_Passes Cancelled.bmp
    384th_544_Smoke Stack.bmp
    384th_544_Sugar Puss.bmp
    384th_544_Sunrise Seranade.bmp
    384th_544_Vertical Shaft.bmp
    384th_544_Weary Willie.bmp
    384th_544_Windy City Avenger.bmp


    384th_545_Alabama Whirlwind.bmp
    384th_545_Aprils Fool.bmp
    384th_545_Cased Ace.bmp
    384th_545_Damn Yankee.bmp
    384th_545_Deuces Wild.bmp
    384th_545_Dora Mae.bmp
    384th_545_JDQ Yankee Powerhouse.bmp
    384th_545_Loma Lee.bmp
    384th_545_Queen Jeanie.bmp
    384th_545_The Geezil.bmp
    384th_545_The Inferno.bmp
    384th_545_The Joker.bmp
    384th_545_We Dood It!.bmp
    384th_545_Yankee Powerhouse.bmp


    384th_546_124529 BKE.bmp
    384th_546_229914 BKH.bmp
    384th_546_230037 BKF.bmp
    384th_546_Battle Wagon.bmp
    384th_546_The_Cats Sass.bmp
    384th_546_Hells Angels.bmp
    384th_546_Homesick Gal.bmp
    384th_546_Little America.bmp
    384th_546_Longhorn .bmp
    384th_546_Lucky Thirteen.bmp
    384th_546_Me and my Gal.bmp
    384th_546_Merrie Hell.bmp
    384th_546_Old Ironsides.bmp
    384th_546_Philly Brooklyn.bmp
    384th_546_Picadilly Commando.bmp
    384th_546_Royal Flush.bmp
    384th_546_Sad Sack.bmp
    384th_546_Salvage Queen.bmp
    384th_546_Sky Queen.bmp
    384th_546_Wahoo II .bmp
    384th_546_Wolf Pack.bmp
    384th_546_Yankee Raider .bmp


    384th_547_23104 SOA.bmp
    384th_547_25806 SOY.bmp
    384th_547_25850 SOM.bmp
    384th_547_25851 SOC.bmp
    384th_547_229987 SOQ .bmp
    384th_547_230065 SOO .bmp
    384th_547_230131 SOQ .bmp
    384th_547_ Ruthless.bmp
    384th_547_Black Ghost.bmp
    384th_547_Clean Cut.bmp
    384th_547_Hangar Queen.bmp
    384th_547_Hells Belles II.bmp
    384th_547_Mad Money II.bmp
    384th_547_Old Battle Axe.bmp
    384th_547_Old Reliable.bmp
    384th_547_Patches II.bmp
    384th_547_Pie Eyed Piper.bmp
    384th_547_Salvage Queen.bmp
    384th_547_The Natural.bmp
    384th_547_Whats Cookin Doc.bmp
    384th_547_Winsome Winn II.bmp
    384th_547_Yankee Gal.bmp

    Download it here and it's a 55mb download:


    Mirror for download is here if you have problems with the top link:


    Cheers, MP.
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    Cool - Thanks


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    Unbelievible amount of work... Can't say enough Thank You!

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    Thats a lot of work , well done m8.
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    Man all that work is just sick!!! I love it
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    Brilliant. I can't wait to shot them ALL down.
    Well done.
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    Looks great, Mysticpuma !

    But I've got a problem : I can't download more than 29MB so the archive is uncompleted...
    Apparently it's not from my computer, but am I the only one ?

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    No you are not. I won't let me get the whole file either.
    I don't know what to do.
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    Wow, great job. Thanks.

    All 55MB received here in just over a minute!
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