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    First of all I have to say that I have read a lot of topics here and on the net, but without any success. As you can see from the image I've opened all the ports (UDP/TCP) and i'm using a static IP, but nobody can join my server. I've also disabled firewall and antivirus, but the problem remains.

    Am i doing something wrong or is just an annoying bug?

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    i have no idea bro..just wanted to say someone heard ya!..thought i was about the only one playing BIA any more..good luck
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    Hey! As I've seen around here so many people don't know which port is used for hosting so I decided to tell you. The real port can be found from the game files not around the net. The real port used for hosting is UDP 7777. So give me a reply if it works.
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    Yay! It seems to work. Just 1 player has joined my server, but it's enough to say that it works.

    Thank you again vegas, you're a skilled player and a nice person too.

    I've also tried MW3, but BIA remains my favourite, even if it has a lot of scripter and few maps ^^

    Sorry if i reply now, but the last weeks i've been busy x)
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