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    Hi I’m Back,

    Recently downloaded a “Freeware Copy” of Free Falcon 5 and downloaded all the “FREE Upgrades”, by assistance of Free Falcon Forum game developers. This game has it all! Check details below!

    It was originally created by Prodigee and then released by Atari, now a group of game developers have taken it and share it for free as "Freeware" to public, they are rebuilding it from ground up. They are modifying it and taking it into a modern gaming experience!

    They are adding stunning visual affects, skinning, lighting effects, sound effects and real life mapping.They are also creating new missions, theatres, planes & helicopters, new 3D cockpits and advanced weaponary. Its awesome. They do it as a labour of love!

    You get to enjoy what they are doing thru completed updates and upgrades. It's not finished but a work in progress its awesome if you are keen on a "Real Simulation/Arcade Aerial Combat" game that is as close to flying real Jets in Air Force This is for you! Check Photos and Details further down!

    ***** Full Avionics Aerial Combat Simulation/Arcade Flight Gaming:

    1. Proper full working cockpit functions of Take-Off and Landing on carriers and airports

    2. Proper aerial dog fighting using HUD targeting and radar avionics

    3. Proper Precision Bombing A.G. multi strikes using CCIP-DED-ICP avionics and HUD

    4. Proper lock on enemy fighter, detail more realistic also using HUD.

    5. Proper squad flying in formation and GPS navigation control and real sound jet engine noise.

    6. Proper Communication to squad and wing man, AWACS and refueling support

    7. Free upgrades and enhancements, awesome good work.

    8. Proper Night vision flying plus, Heaps of planes- awesome, missions, target bombing, dog fighting etc. etc.

    9. Proper I.R. Tracking and striking

    10. Proper online play and connection, squads, missions, dogfights etc. etc.

    It’s the real McCoy in Aerial Combat Flight Simulation / Arcade gaming join the veterans in true dynamic dogfight and bombing missions and squadron formation. Free Falcon even comes with a manual and tutorial training for all the avionics.

    More Info:

    *** To download the original manual visit here:


    ***Also Youtube tutorials, visit here:


    I will still play HAWX1 to be loyal to online friends, but Free FALCON 5.5.5 is my home it’s awesome. Soon “More Free Falcon Upgrades and improvements”, these upgrades are free “No” bull crap greedy OEM’s here, just developers that love Air Force and Jets.

    They are continuously improving it; just wish Ubisoft would follow the same love, passion, and work ethic for Air Force and Jets not forgetting the Hawx project.

    Check web site a FREE FALCON FORUM that is a true forum. Where “YOU THE CUSTOMER” get what you ask for; all the help, support and upgrades you want in game through discussion posts in forum.

    Fantastic stuff proud to be a member! It’s a labor of love! - UBISOFT more of this to your customer base!

    Sad that you couldn’t see your audience age group, young and old.

    I will state developers are very protective over the project and their motive is to construct a "Hardcore Simulator" and cockpit functions (Avionics) as a priority! You are Pre-Warned! That’s what makes Free Falcon an awesome game so good. The real deal not this baby milky crap, thats categorised as a "Aerial Combat Flight Simulator/Arcade Game". Not!

    VISIT: http://www.freefalcon.com/forum/content.php its all free to public just ask for advice they give it freely.

    To install Free Falcon 5.0 visit here: http://www.freefalcon.com/foru...14498-FreeFalcon-5.0

    Then install the upgrade pack: http://www.freefalcon.com/foru...Falcon-5.5.5-Upgrade

    Also check You tube video’s - awesome:















    I’m happy now.

    Razza ___\o/___ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> [ UBISOFT] – Target locked on UBISOFT
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    Just saying....Torrent pretty much makes every game that doesn't require a code free.

    And yes.....finally you are playing a good game

    But you've failed to understand the fact that HAWX wasn't, isn't, and will never be meant to be a flight sim......
    Only game that you can actually compare with HAWX is AC......
    since they copied AC
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    UBISOFT do "Categorise" HAWX 1 & 2 as "Simulation/Action Game"!

    Follow links:

    First Go here: http://www.ubi.com/US/default.aspx then click on games menu

    Your are here: http://www.ubi.com/US/Games/Search.aspx?plTag=pc now using filter select PC, for Genres select "Simulation", then click search.

    Now you are here: http://www.ubi.com/US/Games/Search.aspx?plTag=pc

    OKAY, now do you see what I see.

    THIS: http://www.ubi.com/US/Games/Info.aspx?pId=8801

    It's Classified as "Simulation" Yeah - WHAT A JOKE !!!!!!!!!

    I have also emailed UBISOFT about this marketing tactic, yet no answer. mmmmmmmmm

    Why couldn't they simply add some functions as Semi Simulation at least, the game is so nasty and cheap for $100.00 AUD. Also, like I have expressed before they could have added an Advance Menu Option for Simulation, an Expert Menu Option for Semi Simulation and a Basic Menu Option for Arcade play. IN NOT DOING THIS -BAD MOVE! Adding to injury all the bugs, and now online connection just to play offline, again "BAD MOVE"!

    EVERYONE GET - FREE FALCON 5.5.5 it’s the best.

    Support them they do it as a "Labour of Love" for Jets and Air Force enthusiast and give it freely to public.

    Details in first post above.

    Razza2026 ___\o/__ >>>>>>>>>> [ UBISOFT ] - Target locked
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    Originally posted by Razza2026:
    UBISOFT do categorise HAWX 1 & 2 as Simulation/Action Arcade Game.
    Razza2026 ___\o/__ >>>>>>>>>> [ UBISOFT ] - Target locked
    So after all IT IS categorized as an Arcade....
    um...your point is still invalid.

    And.....there are reason why it's in "simulation" genre....
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    Razza2026 ___\o/___ >>>>>>>>>>>>> [ UBISOFT & Forum] .... Target Locked!

    Yippy Horray, Yippy Horray Free Falcon 5.5.5

    Also excellant Forum!!!

    Bye, Bye
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    Goodbye, have a nice day.
    You still have a lot of things to learn....
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    Originally posted by Garm16:
    Goodbye, have a nice day.
    You still have a lot of things to learn....

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    I still don't understand this complain the bugs one I can ye the games has bugs and flaws like to plane shadows in the videos an game while landing. but not being a sim I don't understand ok its not 100% sim but its not like its 0%. For example how many movies you find out there that are categorized with 2 or more genders. Besides HAWX isn't the first there are several car games which are referred as sims but are more like arcade or close to it. Still doesn't mean its not a sim. Pretty much if you create any game where you drive something that is exists can be considered a sim, 100% close or not that is another question. Or do you actually think that when you fly an F16 or something in Flight X it is the same thing. If you get 20% close to it you're lucky. The most real simulators we do not have access to them F1 drivers do and so do Fighter pilots.
    So if you don't like the game it is fair but move along no point in wanting the game to be as you wanted. Some ideas are great but personally I do not want a core Sim game I do not have any patience for it. I think the game is ok as it is. Story of HAWX 2 sucks a bit the first was more exciting. And the bugs is the only thing I complain about.
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    I understand where you are please visit this web page:


    When you have scene at least 100 screen dumps let me know what you think, but just compare and contrast acknowledging this is a full Simulator 100% with arcade option.

    Try it bud, just download game start playing read manuals and youtube tutorials I have provide in first post.

    Its simply the best. Its FREE "FREEWARE".

    Mate I can not be more open nothing beats this and honestly they are doing it on DirectX 7.0, awesome excellent skinning and mapping everything I love it.

    They have my support forever. Happy Forever!

    Its a labour of Love for those who love Air Force and Jets.

    From Razza2026 - For the Love of ___\o/___
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    Looks fun, but I think I'll stick with A-10 for now, I just don't have enough energy to learn a new aircraft and make another X-52 profile. Glad you moved to something better, have fun. And nice sig
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