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    Josh Waitzkin's Academy is very buggy. For example, I've completed "Waitzkin vs Dave Arnett" under investment in loss, but there's no check sign.

    Also, sometimes the pages skip, even though the dialogue isn't over. For ex.: "Waitzkin vs Dave Arnett", page 24 of 36, the programme skips to the next slide, before the dialogue is finished. Does anyone else have this problem? I've already got patch 1.02...
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    Problems with some of the tutorials has been known for quite some time. Unfortunately, as far as I know, no further patches/updates are planned.

    I didn't experience any skipping on Page 24 of the "Waitzkin vs. Dave Arnett" tutorial, but the text was a bit choppy in a few places.
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    I have bug in Waitzkin vs Arnett too.
    I can't proceed from page 24 to 25 because button "next" is greyed (there's no option to click on it) I have to go out turtorial choose it again type 25 and click "go to".
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    This kind of bug occurs a few places in some of the tutorials.

    You can get around it, though. When you make an incorrect move and are prompted to try again, select 'No'. Then you'll go to the next page.
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    @ KHollister

    Do you have this bug?

    2 - Waitzkin vs Jeff Sarwer, page 101:

    "A bishop and a knight relating to one another like this is a completely dominant position for the bishop. You see here the knight can’t move anywhere. In this situation, the knight can’t anywhere forward. In this situation, the bishop guards all these squares. Here, the bishop traps the knight in, every square is covered. Same in this way.So if you have this kind of exercise if the knight is here and you ask what is White’s best move? The bishop comes here traps the knight in. That was what Jeff saw. So once again"

    And when I press next> it goes:

    "When I make the decision to play G5 check, I have to evaluate that in that final position I’m ok. So now, I want you to take some time, not 30 seconds or a minute. Take three minutes, four minutes, five minutes maybe even ten minutes. Try very hard, stretch your brain. That’s what will make you better as a chess player. In this situation, calculate, reach that final position, and then see if you can figure out a way for me to have a defensive resource."

    So as you can see, there's no logical continuation after "So once again...". Do you have this as well??
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    Yes, this is another bug.

    As I've said before, there are bugs in the tutorials... some very noticable, and some not so noticable. I have a feeling that perhaps there was a rush to release Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition at the same time as Waitzkin's book, The art of Learning, and that several things were rushed through testing, with the hopes of revisiting later.
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