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    hey can anyone help me, im at the water tower int the present when i find out i have to go back to the past to activat the tower, and the dahaka is chasing me. i start out on a platform, and theres a balance beam, and then i have no clue where else to go, because whenever i go on the beam his tendrils shoot out and kill me. please help!
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    If this is the first time that Dahaka is chasing you then you really gotta haul *** in this part. Run like hell around the corner, wallrun across to the platform, jump to the bar, jump to the next bar, and then, I forget what is next, a platform, I think, then you will enter a room and Dahaka is no longer chasing you.

    The key here is to MOVE FAST and don't dawdle. You will get killed a few times doing it but it is rather fun and you will make it. Don't stop at any of the poles or bars, just keep moving!
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    it is not the first time the dahaka chases you when you are at the water tower....
    The dahaka throws you on that platform there.

    What you have to do now is a wallrun to the left of the platform, where there is a ladder. Go down that ladder and jump on a rope, and on....
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