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    Welcome to Wimmer's Geneva Auto Show 2008 Threads!

    I was supposed to go down there with my father but ended up going alone since he decided to go with some friends to a classic firefighter truck exhibition (where he could drink more beer). I took the family Mercedes-Benz E320 and headed off to Geneva. I actually stayed in a cheap Ibis Hotel in Lausanne, about half an hour away from Geneva and visited Geneva twice: Thursday and Friday. Boy, finding a parking space at the Expo was difficult as hell. On the first day I was lucky enough to find an empty but tight parking spot about a kilometer away from the Expo. On the second day I wasn't so lucky. I had to park about 4-5 km's away from the Expo and take an Expo provided shuttle bus service to the show. It was all worth it though!

    All photos were taken in 1504 x 1000 format at medium quality, resized and saved at 8/12 Adobe Photoshop quality for optimal loading on Internet forums. At the show I took most of them with an ISO setting of 400 / 800, sometimes 1600 and with appropriate exposure values depending on lighting conditions. White Balance was generally set on AUTO but sometimes I changed the setting to accomodate the different lighting in different areas.

    I've posted all 1,000+ pictures in alphabetical order and tried to limit each thread to about 40-50 pictures for optimal loading speeds. I've done my best with the pictures but this was a busy place so people were going in and out of cars or absent-mindedly walking into your camera field of vision. This means I had to snap pictures on impulse or wait forever to get a clean shot of the car with as few people as possible around.

    Oh yeah, and I only spent quality time at the "cool" car stands and only photographed the NEW or interesting cars (or cars I personally liked) and of course some of the forum requests!

    Let's get the show started!


    Alfa Romeo needs no introduction. Their cars might not be known for bullet proof quality but their designs have always been stunning. Buying an Alfa is an emotional thing. You let your heart speak, and not your logical reasoning.

    The newest cars at Alfa were the 8C Competizione Coupe and Cabrio, both of them gorgeous. These things just emit character and emotion. I don't know how the Italians do it, but they do.

    Alfa Romeo GT - my favorite Alfa at the moment. Just stunning, especially with a hot model next to it!


    The passion for Alfa Romeo's starts at a young age!

    Alfa Romeo 147

    Alfa Romeo 159 Estate

    Alfa Romeo 159 Sedan

    Alfa Romeo Brera Coupe

    Alfa Romeo Spider

    Beautiful Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Sportscar. Gorgeous!

    Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione Coupe and Cabrio


    Like most tuners at the show Alpina only showcased a few select products. I particularly liked the white BMW B3 Biturbo coupe with AWD, very classy.


    I'm not a fan of the Apollo Gumpert and the Yes Roadster, but here are the obligatory pictures for those of you who do like them.

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    Nice but you didn't need to make about 15 seperate threads on the subject, did you?? You pushed a lot of other topics off the front page which can upset some people.
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    Originally posted by mortoma:
    Nice but you didn't need to make about 15 seperate threads on the subject, did you?? You pushed a lot of other topics off the front page which can upset some people.
    Sorry about that. I wasn't thinking...

    It's cool if the moderators want to delete maybe parts 2-17. The threads can be visited here as well:

    LINK: http://www.carspin.net/forums/index.php?board=6.0
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    OMG Cawimmer, I log on this morning and look at the page and saw "Geneva car show" and was like hmmm... wonder who went there... then I saw ur name, then I saw "part 17" and I was just like "I love you man". seriously, you're my idol.
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    ...and I live here in Geneva and didn't know you were here dude!! Well a collegue promised me her tickets, well her fiance's (she ummm forbade him to go becasuse of the nice ladies hanging on the cars) but forget to give them to me. Damn. Nice pics though.
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    Wonderful post! I also have been thinking to organize such a show for getting new customers to my vehicle shop. I deal in old vehicles but the shop is quite new so not many people are aware of it. For the advertisement expo I would be using DIY trade show displays too.
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