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    Well the tittle is self explanatory, also to all those people complaining about NUNS2 just stop it. There is no such thing as a perfect game. Especially when it comes to fighting games. Here are a few facts!

    1. Every Naruto game since Roan has either been called garbage or full of spammers STFU it's a Naruto game! NUNS2 is not the first nor the last.

    2. NUNS 2 is overall a good game but imagine if all the things that were in Nuns 1 were in 2? Than you'll be complaining even more.
    Random Noob: Ohhh! you button mash to fast on the Jutsu clash you must have a modded controller!

    3. The Broken Bond was a watered piece of sh1t compared to ROAN, ohhhh Yea I just went there! And in TBB you can just spam back B all day and sub just as much if you were spamming the R on NUNS, So stop *****ing!

    4. Why are you so surprised at the fighting system? It's been the same for the past several years since the original on PS2. So why are you *****ing?

    5. Why are you complaining about the fighting system on NUNS 2? Sure I'll admit it's way out dated for today's gen but that's how the Japanese play a lot of their games, in a simple but hard to master format.

    There you have it, I said my opinions and remember they're opinions NUNS 2 is not the worst Naruto game ever, hell technically it's better than TBB because Nuns 2 hit over a million sales something TBB never came close to! But like I said before every fighting game has spammers it's inevitable that's one thing that has never and will never change. So another Naruto game from Ubisoft? I say yes only if it plays like ROAN and has graphics like NUNS 2. Now that will be a great game!
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    Would you like for UbiSoft to make another Naruto game?
    Yes! 100%
    Broken and Rise -awesome games!
    Naruto Shippuuden Ubisoft-super awesome game!
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    the naruto ubisoft games are by far the best naruto games ever made. No one else has managed to capture the naruto story like ubisoft.
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    I agree ROAN was the only reason i bought an Xbox 360 in the first place. No game is perfect but it came mighty close just wish the would have done lee + Neji jutsu's right and take out the long range jutsu mini game trying to hit people from that far is kinda lame only real problem i have with the game. That and there should be more jutsu's associated with combos like saske's grand fire ball. The franchise is the best though.
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    Absolutely yes, mainly because I want more stuff for Kyle Hebert to autograph for me. lol
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    I can't wait a new game Naruto from Ubisoft!!!!!!!
    I can't play this f*cking NUNS 2 a long time!!!!!
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    Hmmm the other night i was thinking about a naruto game and a idea came to me.
    MMORPG Naruto.
    And this isn't gonna be like WoW dungeons, raids, quest. But the mission will be bounty hunters or in other words the players will have missions to kill other players and of corse the gonna protect NPCs from time to time. The "Jutsus" arent gonna be in action bars activeted with 1,2,3,4,5 but it's gonna have a button thats gonna activate "jutsu mod" and while in jutsu mod you'll make diffrent key combinations to activete diffrent jutsus. Of course the more damage the jutsu does the more difficult the key combination is gonna be. When you reach the max level you'll be chosen to go to wars and stuff. The game isn't gonna have much gear like magic wands and other shizz like that. The targeting system wont work like in other mmorpgs where you make a spell and if the target moves the thing you casted is gonna fallow it. The targeting system is only going to show the healt and chakra of the target. You are gonna have to train the jutsus you learned. The leveling system isn't gonna be with mobs but only with missions but there still gona be some mobs in the wild.
    Huh almost forgot about the bingo book. Every player is gonna have a bingo book in there they are going to have targets and they can track them down when they don't want to do missions. In the bingo book are gonna be ninjas that did a lot of assasination.
    There are again going to be parties.
    In the naruto mmorpg there wont be classes like tanks, healers, dps. There still going to be healers but they wont be able to heal from miles away they will have to go to they target do the jutsu and then heal them.
    Well thats it from me if Ubisoft decide to pick this game up I'm gonna try and make it more simple for understanging.

    If you have any questions i will try to answer them.
    Sorry for my bad english and i didn't know where to post this comment so don't get angry
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    Please Ubisoft! Your fans are waiting!
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    i want naruto online and play for free. . .
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    I would honestly love it if ubisoft did a mash up of ROAN and TBB. A final mix if you will... These games had so much potential. They could make the Naruto & Sasuke fight look more like this:

    Maybe someday.
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