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    I have a complaint! If i want to advance in the game i have to buy credits which i am not prepared to do! Why can't u make make extra things to buy cash with as well as credits! slowly loosing interest!
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    I have a question. There was a mystery box in the laboratory of my game Csi Crime City and say to open it I need to hire friends. I do what I ask but that does not open ... Help me please!

    I await answers
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    why did you make this game take so long to replenish energy and also gave huge areas to uncover? Honestly this game would be really fun and i would play it alot if the energy replenished faster because it takes like a full day to even finish one case and that just dumb. I play games on facebook all the time that dont take as long as this game to replenish.
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    Is it only in english? Oh Mann, this is very bad!
    Why you don`t make other languages? It is not nice, not fun. I need many time to understand the text.
    You`r games are only for young people, who learn many english in the scool. So by,by. Play allone.
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    Ok, so I've purchased all the equipment and tools that I can. I refuse to pay for credits, so what do I do with all the "funding" I am amassing? I can't even buy energy with this, which is totally lame. You could make it expensive, but at least give us a chance to USE the funding the game gives us.
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    Originally Posted by Mr_Crime Go to original post
    We are aware of this bug and are actively working towards a fix. Thank you for your feedback, and we're glad you enjoy the game and are able to play in Firefox!

    the game csi does not lod properly for me and i am unable to start playing the game.: mad::
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    Regarding FAQ 2 - loosing energy to quicky


    I have been on the game 3 days now, and i love it.

    You say it is set so high to increase play time, but it isn't. As soon as the energy goes, there is nothing you can do.

    Would be better if it didn't use so much energy for hardly anything. I could play on this game for hours if only the energy wasn't so shocking!

    I can only play on this game few times a day for no more than 20 mins a time, when I would prefer to sit and play on hours in my own time!

    I hope this gets sorted and lowered soon to I can play on this game even longer.

    Karen x
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    I don't give a crap who you are and u sure as hell don't reak of awesomness either!!!! This game is about the worst piece of crap next to zynga's crap!!!!! Constant dealys, constant rip offs of things already done, but oh gee gotta do it alllllll over cuz ur servers are ****!!!!! Your programers are idiots!!!! I had another app that was like this, i told them twice about the problem, you know what they did???? They did what none of you idiots will, they actually fixed it so it loads fast, easy and i haven't been ripped off of none of my items or work since then!!!!! Do you know how to do this prgamming team??????? Hell no you don't!!!! And your to lazy to do it too!!! I am offically sick and tired of this stupid *** spin off app, i got me the real deal, and i have the disc, and its soooooooooooo much more fun than being forced to have to buy **** in order to fully enjoy the game, nor do i have to wait for friggen energy!! You idiots are all the same, can't make a game for someone to enjoy for longer then 5 or maybe if were reallllllllly lucky 10 frikin minutes before we either have to spend money, or find something else to do!!!! Well i'm done with you and your cheating *** ways, you can rot it hell!! And i will enjoy the real game without all the bull****!!!! And no, this isn't the first time, i have politely given feedback and complaints of bugs, and does anyone fix it????? Helllll no!!!! So bye bye ****s!!!!
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    Specific question

    My question has to do with the csi miami game that is in the works and the csi crime city game hopefully someone can answer me or help me out with this.

    I am a huge fan of csi miami and i heard a game (beta or tester) was out there i saw some screenshots and i tried to recreate horatios agent in crime city i asked many times and i asked in different ways if maybe i could get my agent to look like that horatio, when there came no ansewer i tried to make a similar agent with no effect seeing that horatios hair in the beginning of the game csi crime city in it's beta state did have this hair ( so we were able to recreate the horatio agent if i would have done it by then) now i am asking you people if i can't creat a horatio like agent could you guys do me that favor? if not then i would like to ask the team if they can make me a Grissom like agent (as this is from csi) so i could use it.

    I know you might get maybe billion different recquests but please let me know something...

    another question i saw there were testers for the csi miami game (probably there are a some or many) could i become part of that or not?

    Please let me know something...
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    eu so quero jogar o csi e nao consigo
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