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    I'm very patient and certainly don't mind waiting...just curious if its today that we're supposed to see the new BIG patch with dedicated servers, new aircraft etc??

    please don't flame me...Its just a curiousity post
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    Sometime ago it was two weeks till next patch.

    Nowadays is next week.
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    Curious myself. Understood the planes where done, just ran out of room on the CDs.
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    oh geez sorry i didn't see that 'flamin' part on time.. huh..
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    Yep, been wondering about that myself...
    Seems no one is talking about the new planes much...but thought they needed a week to compile a list or something?
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    BTW I'm also curious..
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    VW-IceFire's Avatar Senior Member
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    I'm guessing not...thats my guess anyways. Rather wait and see more stuff or more things fixed/tweaked.

    Paitence young padawans.
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    Could be, the're trying to fix some of the problems prople are having with new patch. This might take a while.
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    My guess is that they are incorporating bug fixes from beta patch in the "previously promised" new plane patch so that in the end we get a better product. Oleg has a history of putting more in his patches than advertised so that users benefit in the long run.

    Waiting is hard sometimes but it will be worth it as Oleg has proven many times.
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    Well I thought that there was a problem with the Betty. If you notice on some of the videos the way the torpedo is carried is wrong. (On the real Betty the bombay doors are removed and the torpedo is cradled in the divet (for lack of a better term) where the bombay doors used to be. But the model is wrong.

    I thought that this was being corrected and was holding things up. (But I have been wrong before).
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