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    We Tried Valiantly to stop the Hitler's forces from taking Poland, We failed. It is May 1, 1940 and Hitler is moving to invade France. Join us, Join the RAF-65 and help us stop Hitler before he reaches Paris. Join us at www.RAF-65.com

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    I'd like to Welcome Raven as the Newest Member of our Squad.

    Help us defend France, Join RAF-65.
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    I'd like to welcome Scrappy, Dogman, and the Cossack as the newest members of RAF-65.

    Join them and us as we take on the Nazi Horde to defend France.

    I'll see you in the air.
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    We have failed to defend France, and have been overwhelmed by the Nazi forces. Please, Join his majesties Royal Air Force and help defend the last bastion of freedom in Europe.

    Join us as we begin the battle of Britain campaign.

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    I'd like to welcome FJ, the newest member of RAF-65 to join the fight.

    Come join us and lets send Jerry packing.
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    Hi able72,

    Your initial post said:

    Join RAF-65. We are a new squad flying DCG Co-Op campaigns on Sunday afternoons. The Virtual RAF-65 flies IL-2:1946 modded with the latest Ultra Pack. Based in the Eastern United States we fly official campaign co-op missions on Sunday afternoons. Our official campaign is a DCG generated dynamic campaign starting from the beginning of the war in September of 1939 with the German invasion of Poland and lasting until the surrender of Japan in September of 1945
    Is that DCG campaign publicly available? I'm afraid I'm not able to join the RAF-65 due to timing issues. However, I'd really love to play your campaigns by myself (or with a few friends) if they are available?


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    I'd like to welcome our newest member Coyote.

    Join us and help us repel the 3rd Reich as we conduct the Battle of Britain.
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