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    Hi everyone!

    Now as far as I know Ubisoft is looking into this which is great, but I thought it would be good to do a poll on whether the people looking forward to this game would prefer either the original Japanese Naruto voice cast or that of the Amerian English to provide the voices for their respective roles.

    Now the way I see it, it would be easier and better to have the characters speak in Japanese rather than English, and have subtitles provided where needed.

    The reasons for this are as follws:

    Firstly the aim of this game seems to be to faithfully recreate the authentic Naruto experience as seen in the anime for the Xbox 360 (and from the screenshots and videoes that have been shown it looks like they are doing an amazing job!)

    Thus it would be more faithful to have the original 'authentic' Naruto Japanese cast provide the voices.

    Also as a matter of preference I personally find the Japanese voice actors much better at bringing out their characters, as for me the American cast doesn't really do this anywhere near as well (and frankly the American Naruto voice actor makes me want to cry ).

    Secondly, this game is being developed in Europe where it will be sold as well as the US, which means there are a multitude of languages that would need to be either a) recorded with other voice actors or much quicker and cheaply b) subtitled.
    Subtitles would make the most economic sense as well as a time saver to aid release.

    So if the German, French, Dutch, Spanish etc. etc. versions of the game are to be subtitled anyway, it would make sense to just have the voices in Japanese; which would also open up a possible Japanese release should Ubisoft deem it fit.

    Well, those are my thoughts-what do you guys think?
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    I have no Japanese Launguage knowledge at all, but if your a Naruto fan, and you must be if you want to buy this game, than the Japanese Subtitles versions are better than the dumb american ones, which when I watched in Japanese took some of the moments very seriously, and when its supposed to be a funny momentm, the japanese one has a way to make it seem way more funny, but whenI watch the american version i cant take it seriously I just laugh all the time, of how stupid they sound. Even though I can understand them perfectly, I prefer Japanese way more. The voices fit the characters, and the Subtitles are more elaborated than in english. for example I watched an episode in Japanese and English. And after watching both I said If I were to watch the English version first Id be completely lost. As the Japanese to English translation is more complex and deep, so you get a really good feel on the characters.

    And Who doesnt like cute japanese girls doing the voices
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    I can understand that the english voices would be the default. I just really hope they let you switch to the japanese voice acting. I have never been this excited for an anime game(mainly because there hasn't been any great ones) but so far after seeing gameplay and pics the only problem so far is the fact that it will have english voice acting, I cannot stand it. This game is really great lookin as I have not seen an anime game look this good.

    I really hope they give the option to switch to japanese voice acting. I am a big naruto fan but I can't stand watching the english version. The voice acting is just not good in the english version. In the japanese version all the voice make sense and match the characters. I cannot take the english serious at all, a moment at the chunin exam for example, it was very serious, but I can't take it serious at all in the english version. The sound like generic people trying too hard. Only one or two characters voices seem passable while the japanese version every single character matches the voice and is well done.(apposed to the dbz series which had bad jap and great english)

    Anyway, I really really hope you have the option to switch to japanese voice acting.
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    Well this game looks really good. And the only thing that really puts me off are the American Voices.
    Here in Europe we don't have the American Version (yet), but I have seen some episodes and it's like a whole different series.

    If this game would have Japanese Voices, I'd most definitely get it. ^^
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    I'm From the Netherlands and i watch naruto, and if the game features only american voices then i'm not gonna buy this game because Naruto is all about japanese voices it sounds more real..and i buy it straight away.

    Come on Ubisoft.. please ad Japanese voices..

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    The devteam are big Naruto fans and also want to have the original Japanese voice actors in the game as an option, dubbed for others, but we'll have to see what happens. Sometimes these things simply aren't possible.

    Stay tuned!
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    i started watching Naruto about 2 and a half months ago.. the japanese episodes.. what hooked me was just how well the voice actors managed to portay the characters and how well they enhanced the story. out of curiosity i watched an american dubbed episode. it was painful. the american voice actors are really terrible. there has to be a japanese voice option or a lot of people won't get this game. either that or an option to switch off or mute voices
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    Well I started to follow naruto quite some time ago now and really enjoyed the TV well I should say that the part that was not from the manga was not that good but that is often like that.

    I think as far as voices are concerned that having the choice would be better. I mean on a video games sound is not taking that much place and with the Marketplace they could I think easily make voice packs if it can't fit in the DVD.

    Else as I'm french I can tell that I defintely don't want a french version, at least not with the cast that is voicing the anime as the cast is really not good, making Naruto a completely chinese type voice while other speak normally, quite a deception.
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    NeXusV1 has pointed out a link that indicates that there will be the original Japanese voice acting in the game 'for purists'
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    This is great news! Japanese FTW!

    Having only English voices could have been a seriouse downside to this game...
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