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    i setup a server with 2 tankers and one awacs(su-33). when u ask where are the tankers located. if gives you one location,but when u go to a tanker closest to you. that the awacs hasn't given you the location of that one.you can't tank up with it! why? and how do u hook up with that tanker that the awacs hasn't given it's location to u.
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    The awacs has nothing to do with your ability to refuel. Also keep in mind that- like a lot of things- in LOMAC air to air refueling codes & script was a pretty half-assed effort. Why don't you just find the tanker manually? Extend the probe as you approach, and select the correct beer tap (#1,2,3 L-R)

    Make sure that the tanker's mission is set correctly in the editor. (if the value is "nothing" it might do exactly that)

    Online- you often have to get right up under the wing to get the tanker to execute the script and extend the hoses. I don't fly singleplayer at all, it might be different.
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    they are set on refueling in the mission editor all 4 of them. i said that i have to be right under the wing(left or right). explain in detail
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    Well- I don;t know if it will make any difference for you, but...

    Locate the tanker and position yourself behind it.

    Switch to air to air mode & Bring up your EOS. Once you get a thermal hit- lock it up & use it to determine the tanker's exact altitude, and monitor it's speed during your initial close.

    Continue to close on the tanker- being mindful of your speed in relation to his. You'll need to position yourself approx 5 meters below the tanker's altitude, set your ALT hold.

    Now that you know it's speed and altitude, you are in position to approach- do so. When you're within oh.. about 5 clicks or so.. (I don't know that it really matters when) Switch to NAV mode and extend your probe. You will see a number 1,2,or 3 (left to right) on your HUD and a guide reticle. Pick a point and select it, and follow the guidance reticle in. Get right up under the wing if needed. Sometimes you have to get so close he calls out " Breakaway!!" and that will usually kick in the script. cript.
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    Not sure I understand your problem exactly. is it that your problem is only when you have several tankers? Have you run this multi-player mission with just one tanker and had it work OK?

    of course as Konkussion alluded to, the multi-player air to air refueling is a problem. But then as far as i recall from discussions about this many years ago on the Forums, the Devs never actually promised air to air refuelling functionality in multi-player. In fact you CAN do it, but it is quite tricky as you cant actually see the hose till you are right on top of it.
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    i got it to work,but u really have to be close up on the tankers. i have noticed that the air to air concepts on lockon are F%¤CKED up! missiles are sometimes off the mark even when u keep your lock. can i find any patches that may fix this problem? what about this new up and coming patch v.1.13?
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    Missiles are a whole different ball of wax. Some things are poorly modeled, some things are part of the game. Keeping a target locked does not guarantee a hit.
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    you are right! if a 120 is fired within 15 to 20km. the 120 should.'t miss by a mile, if i miss i miss.
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