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    Omgz someone help me out,

    Okay so I bought the game, installed, installed patch 1.3 and now it says (when I double click server) that its running a different version? So I layed my cursor on to server name and theres, in brackets, V72 ?

    whats up guys? help me out to get my SC working and allow me to play with y'all
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    The latest patch is 1.31 Try upgrading to that. Use 3d gamers to download it.
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    is there any links flying about anyone?
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    S'okay I found the link thanks ''The_One''

    heres the link if you also have the problem guys (link to previous forum)
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    okay :/ a new problem has arisen. after downloading the 1.31 patch i went to run

    the new obstacle is, when i start to run the exe error messages pops up saying installation wil not continue try using :emea ?

    whats this + how can i fix this?
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    Glad you got it working, and hope to see you on-line sometime. Your in-game account is?
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    ... (see up)
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    and ''parox--synx''
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