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    i hate not being able to play blazing angels 2 online no one is there i will now make games and post if i made one if you make a game plz post it here i have one on now so login and get playing
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    I would like to play online. You could post here when you start a server.
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    well i´ve started a server now it will be open every day at 19-20 o´clock german timezone
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    jayman036@yahoo.co.uk will play BAWW2 WITH ANYONE MAIL ME ??????????
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    yaaa! I wanto to play too! but...why anybudy play in the pc multiplayer???!!!
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    Consider this a wake up call for every one of you who bought CoD: MW2, every one of you who sigh and bend over every time some ratty publisher pushes the PC version into next year, every one of you who *****es and moans about shoddy PC ports, and then go buy the sequel.

    Next time you go into Game/Gamestation/wherever, and see the sad little shelf thats all thats left of the "PC Gaming" section, dont sigh and walk out. Punch the manager in the face and yell "WE DONT ALL DOWNLOAD!".

    The next time you see some CliffyB type dev **** chunter on about how piracy is making PC Gaming a lost cause, dont sigh and shake your head. Blow up his inbox with abuse and scorn, boycott his software on every format and question his ***** size.

    This has to end, or PC Gaming as we know (and love) it WILL cease to exist. Maybe this is what the fatcats want, I dont know. But I will not go quietly into the night! I will fight for what has become my preffered way of wasting an evening.

    If you buy AC2, for any reason, on any format, you are guilty of treason. Unless you already have, in which case I guess a slap on the wrist will suffice for not being clairvoyant...

    Bring it Ubisoft. Heres 5 quid you WONT be getting *burns a 5 pound note* You are going down.

    Disclaimer: All the above is my opinion, and as I have not had my daily requirement of caffine Im slightly wobbly. However, if any of it elicted a smile or a feeling of patriotisim, Ill consider it a success. FOR THE REVOLUTION!!!!!
    Energy Saving Windows
    cabernet sauvignon
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    5~11 PM depending on day.

    Game type solo dogfight no time limit.

    Late Era.

    Details can be discussed via in-game messaging or forum, though I rarely visit the forum.
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    Anybody who wants to play online on pc can add me to msn: jcmuddejadra@hotmail.com
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    when u guys try playing online, the section where u sign in it says key, what must i put there?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????? ????
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    if you're on mxit plese invite me 0719096467

    p.s URGENTLY.
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