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    This is a great idea, because I know we have talked about it. But I am up for it.

    PSNid: DrGroove

    "Holla at yo boy!" - Charlie Murphy as Buck Nasty from the Player Haters Ball.
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    Oh hecks yeah on Fat Princess. I am in love with that game.

    That sounds like a winner to me. Perhaps we can discuss a good time and play that, then we could mix it up with some other games like Uncharted 2 (which I still need to beat on my account, I played it with my brother on his). Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 are good options as well, along with some multi plat games (MW2, for example).

    I think we may have something here. Perhaps not a huge group, but we'll have fun with what we've got. I may mention something about this in my next vlog and we could get more PS3 fans to post here on the FD forums as well, because I've gotten about a bazillion PMs on youtube asking me what my PSN ID is (which oddly enough, I tend to get more PS3 gamer responses than 360).

    This will be fun.
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    I am borrowing MW2 for the PS3, so I'll have that to play for the next couple weeks.

    I am also planning on doing a vlog review of it, and will also mention it to many adoring fans (read as: me, and the one or two other people who will hear about it.) Because THAT'S HOW I ROLL.

    <STRIKE>On other people's coattails, perhaps?</STRIKE>
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    PoS3 is gey.
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    I'd be up for some Uncharted 2 or MW2 game nights. I cut off my Live Subscription because I never used it anymore. No sense in paying for something you're not gonna' use. And now that Netflix is on PS3...I didn't really have a huge reason to keep it.

    So yes..hit me up on PSN. creativeplub (yes...plub)
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    I was thinking about getting Fat Princess!! I only play Little Big Planet but could be into a PS3 night if I can get a copy of the game y'all wanted to play. But I can only do it if I can get a head set. I cant play if I cant talk to anyone. Its too lame.
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    weaselboy, let me know when you get that vlog up, I'd like to see it.

    @creativeplug. Sweet! You have MW2 on the PS3 as well, that's cool. Another great option. I'll add you to my PSN.

    @Spectra. Fat Princess is soooo fun! The beauty of that game is that you can pick up and play without a huge learning curve. Don't get me wrong, I love games that are more complex, but it's nice to pick up and play a game as well, and Fat Princess does just that. One of my favorite PS3 games, it's just so cute and competitive at the same time. I'm excited that you are interested in this as well, I'm getting better feedback than I expected. I thought most everyone hated the PS3 around here.
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    my headset ....

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    Oooh, that's pimpin'.
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    Got it with my cellphone but ended up buying a Jawbone for that instead and this has been kind of sitting around. I can so see myself using this for gaming now.
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