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    At night in game when i use the manual, i find that when i open it its too dammm white and bright!. It makes my pupils contract and when i try and see the ship through the periscope its so much darker and i have to close the manual. After i close the manual the ship becomes more visible as my pupil expands again. Maybe by applying a red filter over the manual (which would make sense considering it is night time and running the red lights) i will be able to keep the manual open while idenitifying the target at night. Any of you guys find it hard to id ships with the manual open when its at night in game?
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    Well, maybe the background picture of the manual is an image in a folder of the game. If it is, it can be easily edited I think, setting it darker or clearer...
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    Good idea,
    but as it stands yeah Ive had that problem. Had to keep switching back and forth, manual open/closed to ID the ship in the convoy I picked out. Pitch black and the worst weather possible.
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    i have the same with the notepad in the UZO
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    C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\SilentHunterIII\data\Menu\Gui\RecMan ual\RecManBkgr.tga

    Hope this helps..!
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    just compare Periscope.tga and UZO.tga in this folder:

    C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\SilentHunterIII\data\Menu\Gui\

    I just pasted the notepad from periscope over UZO, wonder if itll work!


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    if anyone makes a nicer background for the recog guide, please post it here!
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    yeah, you'd think if the lighting on the notepad and the instruments inside the ship got darker while running on the red lights, maybe the UZO station would be darker at night, too.
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    Ok guys here you go :


    It looks like this :

    Thereas the original :

    Much better for night reco
    Hope you enjoy it
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    THX athlonics...
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