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    Hey Guys!
    I have played R6 for years now. I used to host a COOP server for Raven Shield, and had tons of fun playing on it. Now I would like to do the same with Vegas 2, but there seems to be no way of doing it. Could anyone help me out so I could host a COOP server on Vegas 2? Thanks.
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    to--> Rahmansapala, yes i will get back to you with a very helpful link. im new to all this so bare with me but i just put my own attack/defend server up.
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    There are no dedicated coop servers in Vegas 2. It just isn't possible.
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    I'm very much interested in this topic as well, I have access to a 10mb backbone network and I can host a server for 8 hours a day. . . once its figured out how to host a co-op server
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