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    I was going to post about a different good AI touch, but then saw something even better.

    This is on Hardcore.

    I was up near one of those aerial pylons when a Jeep with two fighters attacked. they were at the bottom of the hill and had got out of their vehicles to attack me.

    I quickly climbed spotted the first guy and shot him down with my sniper rifel then moved off to the other side. The man was down but not dead, I could hear him groaning. the other man said, "Hang on!" I thought this sounded new.

    I moved to the top of the hill and looked down with my rifle trying to see the other guy. Then I saw him, but I was amazed. The other guy had PICKED UP the wounded guy and put him over his shoulder and was actually carrying him!

    I stared through the scope for a few moments then shot the man carrying him in the head. He dropped dead. the wounded guy fell, then struggled up and started limping away. I fired. Missed. Fired again. Missed. Then he vanished behind a boulder. I think I missed so much cos I was just so impressed by what I`d seen.

    I skirted round and found the man, dying against the boulder. I shot him in the head with the rifle.

    I felt pretty cruel and merciless, especially the way I killed the guy actually helping him. They really acted Human.

    But it`s just a game, thankfully.

    But that`s what I call a great touch. Nice one Developers.
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    It's cool that this is in there. Too bad most people don't notice it. The AI in this game is pretty much the best I've seen even though it has its quirks. But let's face it, it'll be a long long time yet until computers and programmers advance AI techniques to be perfect. But yes, this is definitely progress.
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    Great story!
    I had one enemy who i wounded.
    He was down on the floor,but he got out his pistol and carried on taking shots at me.

    The only way i could kill him was to use my machete,cue a gruesome animation of me stabbing him.
    Playing this on the PC,it's fast becoming one of my favorite games.
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    lol...I saw the same thing where 1 dude picked the wounded one up. I have to admit I took a double take at it. I haven't ever seen that in a fps. Nice job Ubi.
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    I too am quite impressed by the AI.

    As for the complaints I have read, I think for the most part, it is a simple case of frustrated expectations.

    For those who are disappointed: Did Ubi fail to deliver on what they promised or did you expect too much?

    I had no preconceptions coming into the title, which is probably why I can enjoy the title for what it is, rather then what I was hoping it would be.
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    thats nothing, the way they talk is truly astounding, theyll act tough and you can tell that they are really shaking, or theyll cry for help, or cry that they just want to go home =/
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    Always double stab the AI so they don't yell out warnings. Stab em again when they fall. I saw a wounded guy limp away, clutching his pistol, then collapse in the middle of the road, dead.
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    ive mentioned some negative things about this game, but there are some incredible things too... in SP that is...

    First off i have not found an area or outpost ive destroyed restored... ive also found buffalo and zebras and deer and 1 chicken so far. Now for an amazing story... im cruising down the road and truck comes flyin at me so i dodge him ... this truck tried to turn around but hit a log and flipped the truck.. the mchine gunner climbs on top of the truck so he can see me from over a rock in the way... so i sniped him good.. and his partner was limping from the reckage.. i got him too... but what was cool was how the guy on top of the truck conformed to the way the truck was on its side with him laying on top and one leg hanging down... looked so realistic. That may be why blood on the body was never installed. Cause it would look cheesy a puddled floating in mid air. They would have to find a way to make the blood that would be realisticly cool.
    So yeah SP ownz!!!
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