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    Go check it out on IGN!

    Then, let us know what you think!
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    I thought it was pretty cool, and a few sneak peeks of screenshots we haven't seen. Also liked how the video was artistically designed - very new millennium.
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    And a new one is live on IGN!

    In Dev Diary #2, you can learn about the double-edged sword that is the environment of Pandora. A gorgeously lush ecosystem... that is also hell bent on obliterating the invading humans!

    Where do you think we got the title for this one?
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    Yeesh, you know what would have made that post really useful? If I had actually included the link!

    Dev Diary #2 on IGN

    Sorry, it's my first day using the internets... hehe.
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    I saw this posted on AMZ (Avatar Movie Zone), it was great stuff!!!

    Now... give us the 3d requirements, lol.
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