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    Technical Glitch, I can get into some games but others i get a message saying that the session is no longer available. Patch it up please.
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    i have the same problem, but sometimes i can enter in some room and play in multiplayer.
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    ..and I have the same problem what happens, can anyone fix the problem? I managed to get only one server, but I resisted just a few minutes and then kicked me whitout no message ...and that with the session is no longer available ... but the host is still there ...
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    no longer anvailable !!


    ? not play
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    Was having great fun with my friends on this game in coop, now this "session is no longer available" bs has been going on for a week and no mention whatsoever to any workarounds or fixes. Really starting to wonder why I keep buying Ubi games...
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    Need a solution, maybe patch?
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    Please fix this!
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    i have the same problem...
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    Same problem !!!!!!!!
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    got "sesion not longer available" pls help!!!
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