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Song Request Link


General Links

Official Rocksmith Page

Rocksmith Facebook Page

Rocksmith Twitter Page

Rocksmith Bass Forum

Welcome to Rocksmith!- F.A.Q.'s

Rocksmith Developer "AMA"

Rocksmith DLC- Updated as released with Purchase Links, Videos & Songs

A Beginner's Guide to Rocksmith- Video

What guitar are you going to play with the game?

Looking for Rocksmith friends on PS3?

Looking for Rocksmith friends on Xbox Live?

Complete Songlist Matched with Authentic Tones

Weekly Community Challenge Threads

How does scoring work? (FAQ)

Bring Up Whatever You Would Like! (Off Topic Only)

!!!! Officially Confirmed Bass August 14th Rocksmith Facebook Page

Official Bass Content FAQ's DLC Releases August 14th

How has Rocksmith influenced your life?

Rocksmith DLC & E3

Rocksmith Fan Testimonials!

Feedback Threads

Rocksmith Guitar Official Bugs and Issues Thread #2 (360 & PS3)

Rocksmith Bass Official Bugs and Issues Thread (360 & PS3)

Rocksmith Guitar Official Gameplay Feedback #2

Rocksmith Bass Official Gameplay Feedback

Official Rocksmith Song Requests *NEW*

Rocksmith DLC Band/Pack Wishlist

Rocksmith Survey

Rocksmith arrangements and licensed songs


Rocksmith PC Manual

Rocksmith PC Configuration and FAQ's

Rocksmith PC Release Date

Rocksmith Guitar PC Official Bugs and Issues Thread

Rocksmith Bass Official Bugs and Issues Thread PC

A possible way to recover a lost Steam profile


Ubisoft Support

Rocksmith Game Manuals - Both PS3 and Xbox

Configuration Requirements- PS3

Configuration Requirements- Xbox 360

Official Rocksmith Patch Notes 2/1/12

Frets / Notes Are Not Registering Correctly (Checking / Adjusting Intonation)

Missing CD Key for Rocksmith PC LOOK HERE

US Imported Copy of Rocksmith in EMEA

Rocksmith Gear & Tech Useful Links & Information

Community Tips & Support

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*NOTE* Theses are not Supported by Ubisoft at this time and are to be used at your own risk.

Easy guitar theory to move beyond Rocksmith

Got Lag? Got Latency? READ THIS FIRST.

Tips for playing without killing your hands

Rocksmith (RS) TAB

How to post an image

Unofficial Amp and Stompbox Thread


Be in the Next Rocksmith Ad!!!!

Official Rocksmith YouTube Channel

Rocksmith Forum Video Exclusive

Rocksmith coming to Europe!


New Rocksmith Contest! Win BOTH a guitar and bass!!