The news of the Splinter Cell HD Trilogy as well as Splinter Cell 3D excites me. Im an old school fan of Splinter Cell and was, like many, disappointed by Conviction where only Deniable Ops retains any form of enjoyment. I have replayed exactly one mission once from Conviction and thats the chase scene because I was in the mood for that kind of spy. The other games i play much more frequently, my favorite being the original, then Chaos Theory, then Double Agent (360)/Pandora Tomorrow. I have yet to play the original Xbox version of Double Agent and plan on it soon (to relive classic SC with new level designs)

However, the trilogy and the 3D game gives me hope despite the fact I will not be getting a 3DS. Now the ESRB has supposedly reviewed the SC Trilogy for the 360 AS WELL AS the PS3 however theres no official word but this seems like a very legitimately good indicator that it will in fact be releasing on the 360 which may account for the delay? Who knows. Now what does this mean to me? To me it looks almost as if Ubisoft is apologizing for Conviction by re-releasing the Fan Favorite for the 3DS (as well as in the HD remake) and having the first 3 games in a bundle (the first 3 being strict classic SC gameplay).

Could this also signal what SC6 might be like? I hope it does. Chaos Theory isnt the perfect stealth game like Maxime said. There is no such thing as perfection and I would love it if they made another Splinter Cell Classic. Forget about Conviction and go back to the roots: a great and intriguing story, sam fisher being a cold but deep-down caring guy who doesnt randomly slaughter, grimsdottir and LAMBERT (because i, for one, did NOT kill sam's best friend throughout 4 games in the series), and a REALISTIC story based on a terrorist organization trying to throw the world into conflict.

Even if the gameplay has gotten "stale" which it hasnt. Making the game into an action-shooter similar to so many other games on the market was a poor choice and made the game more stale. Even if its "stale" theres still only a few other games like it...the other good SC's.

I wont go into detail as ive posted my suggestions numerous times but SC6 should be a classic SC game: night vision, thermal vision, lethal/non-lethal attacks, around the corner takedowns (that were in the 360 version of Double Agent), a mission-editor/level-creator would be amazing but thats soooo doubtful, super-smart AI, leaving trails through snow/sand/mud/etc., bring back dogs, etc. etc.