Rockin Robbins and I developed a difference of opinion regarding the moon and the way it's rendered in game. After some research I discovered, or should I say I had an epiphany,

You are correct Mr Robbins and I am as wrong as one can get. The game does not simulate the rising and setting of the sun and moon, at least not accurately, The sun is rendered to rise and set every 12 hours. No seasonal changes whatsoever. The moon will show full on the appropriate dates but, the transit is nowhere near accurate due to the fact that the devs ripped out the local clock we saw in SH III. Without that, there is absolutely no way that the moon could be rendered as in the real world. Then there is the problem of viewing location. The moon will look different between northern and southern hemisperes and programming a geocentric bodies' motion would be beyond the scope of this game. Well, it is a WW II sub sim and not a celestial mechanics simulator. It would be nice if someone could prove me wrong again but that isn't gonna happen. Is it RR?