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    Hi Guys,

    While forums are still realatively quiet, now is the time to plan for the future...

    To try and keep the forums tidy, we are creating some dedicated "Community Discussion" threads for the main topics usually asssociated with the FC Franchise.
    This will either be done by new threads like this one, where at the inception I will try to capture a few "killer" posts from other threads, or we will just hijack an existing thread and change its title.

    If a stand alone thread is raised that could have been posted in one of these, the new thread is likely to be closed and the poster redirected to the correct place to have posted.

    Far Cry 3 Multiplayer (MP)

    For detailed discussion on Assault or Predator Modes, please use the existing threads here:
    A plea for Assault in Multiplayer
    Bring Back Predator Mode!!!!!

    For anything else, fill your boots here!

    To start the ball rolling, a blast from the past.
    In Aug 08, the team of volunteers that helped me run the UBI Far Cry 1 EU community servers, had been discussing what they wanted to see in Multiplayer for FC2.

    Below is a list of what they came up with.
    Some of these were implemented in FC2 but an awful lot werent, so as a wishlist, I think its worth reproducing here for FC3

    Originally posted by hanz_h:
    - Do NOT use invisible walls.
    - Offer Linux dedicated server support
    - Basicly integrate most features of XT (especially stuff like a good server admin panel etc).
    - Support for custom content. Imho Cod 2 has excellent support for this because in Cod you will auto download any custom content on a server, whether it be a mod, map or anything else. Download location should be settable by server admins.
    - Let server be able to put in custom map rotation, a mod as a map, without the client and server restarting (Clivey)
    - Support a bigger amount of people in a server. 24 should be the least to strive for.
    - Inlcude an african remake of airstrip (most of the map should be the same but in african setting). Other maps like mango are welcome to of course.
    - Decrease the possibilities to change all kinds of video settings that are cheat sensitive.
    - In the server listing, have the timer that refreshes every 1 min, so you know how long the game has left before joining it. (Clivey)
    - Maybe consider a queue system. If its full, list next to the server name how many are waiting in the queue (Clivey)
    - Have an anti-tamper anti-cheat system in place. Drop kick PB out the window and use something better (Ice-T)
    - Have a vote-spamming defence system in place to stop undesirables constantly raising votes that stop other gamers from kicking them off the server (Ice-T)
    - Patch and content distribution system - like Valve does with Steam (Slugworth)
    - Don't skimp on bandwidth consumption - dedicated servers hardly ever hit network bottlenecks. Let the game server push more data to clients if the server admin wants to allow it. (Slugworth)
    - CVAR lockdown - lock every CVAR in MP, then figure out which ones you need to allow changes to for normal game play and open only those. (Slugworth)
    - Logging of players ingame chat to help admins deal with abusive players (Brimlad)
    - Integrate a demo system so you can check people on a demo afterwards (Unreal)
    - Keep first person spectator mode as in FC 1 (Unreal)
    - Let crouching and proning cost stamina as well. It enhances a bit of realism and ends endless prone, get up, crouch combinations.
    - Add a small delay when going prone. Maybe a small animated move. For example in GRAW I remember when going prone you made kind of a jump forward to get down and when getting up you'd get up on one knee first, then stand up fully.
    - Coloured names in multiplayer, simular to farcry (Wags)
    - Add a kill cam (Clivey)

    - Keep assault! [And make no changes (Unreal)]
    - Obviously better balance in weapons. 1.4 had a go but was timed far too late after release, thus became a flop.
    - Include 1.4 mapping team for map feedback. The one good thing that came out of 1.4 was the remake/fixes to the standard maps. They are now played far more then the 'old' standard maps. (Ok being a bit selfish here I'll admit ).
    - Try and reward teamplay more. To give an example something that really worked for BF2142 is the revival tool. This will give a huge drive to stick near team mates. [Possibly revival should have a delay in it (Unreal)]
    - To steal a little more from BF2142. I love the ability in their to create squads. The respawn tool is a big advantage. I like the ability to be able to spawn on a teamleader next to fixed spawnpoints.
    - Another thing from BF2142: The ability to spot enemies so they'll show up on your team's rader for a short while.
    - Xfire type of buddy list in multiplayer browser (yes again this also in BF. Sorry they just got a lot of stuff right imho ).
    - Be really carefull with adding any rockets to multiplayer, especially as secondary fire. Easily creates an imbalance which will result in them being removed by an SSM.
    - I think rocket launchers should be dropped from MP, but assault rifles with nade launchers are OK, as long as they (a) require skill to use, and (b) cannot be used to spam nade in quick concession. (Ice-T)
    - Bot support in MP games (Slugworth)
    - Keep the siron in Assault when flag is touched (Unreal)
    - The respawn system in assault is the best used in any mp gameplay (Unreal)
    - Mp maps should offer a wide variety of routes towards a flag/enemy (Unreal)
    - Do not make Mp a 1 shot one kill game. I liked in FC 1 that it took a few bullets to kill someone (Unreal)
    - A few small indoor multiplayer maps. (GodZ)
    - Inbuilt Team Speak with a difference. If your player is near an opponent and that player is speaking to their team mates in their TS, you can here what he is saying to his team mates (Clivey)
    - Allow players to pick up the weapons of dead players (IceT)
    - Restrict Buildable objects to current active flag/base (IceT)
    - The ability to call out for a medic when you're wounded (Umbongo)

    Community and modding stuff:
    - Stream more stats to web based clients as standard (Clivey)
    - Distribute with the game a Clan folder. This would include, images/art work, themes, modules, plugins to capture the above stats and be for the more popular CMS (Clivey)
    - Dont close off the ClassRegistry.lua to only have the standard Entities enabled. Add open ended entries that allow a mapper to add what every vehicle/skins/character/weapons they need to make their map feel right (Clivey)
    - Distribute a client GUI app that enables a server admin to simply select score points, weapons settings etc with simple drop down/tick box/input box options (Clivey)
    - Add a client GUI app that enables a modder to control things like vehicle speed/braking, velocity etc via a slide bar method that just writes the value to the lua file in the appropriate line (Clivey)
    - Have a globally controlled authorised client "Custom Objects" folder that is PB'd and Modellers contribute content to via a managed service/website (Clivey)
    - Ubi-public servers should have some human admins (Ice-T)
    - Web-based server admin UI - better than the remote client UI like BF2 does. See UT2004 for examples. (Slugworth)
    - Mod support - Modders need an SDK, good documentation, and developer support in order to get their mods completed. (Slugworth)

    - End object glitching
    - Repair difference between 1st player view and 3rd player view, (related to first).
    - End cd-key issues.
    - Much better netcode for multiplayer / improve server code efficiency

    -=F&B=- Achilles

    Next we have a superb post on what MP should be like in FC3 from Lambchop aka Fallen Champ

    Originally posted by LAMBCHOP1972:
    Multiplay Modes for the perfect FC3 Experience

    Everyone knows that 4 multiplayer modes on Far Cry 2 simply was not enough and my view is that two of those modes could have worked a whole lot better with some minor changes added to them.

    Capture The Diamond
    Only three things need to be changed & this would be perfect.
    1. There really is no need to press an interact ****on to pick up the diamond, we do not press one to put the diamond down - Just scrap that and the second a player touches the diamond have it attach to that player, Just the same for the player dying - allow another player to walk straight over the dropped diamond and attach - this always needs to be smooth and instant.

    2. We should be allowed to throw the diamond (This is a must) and again once it touches a player it auto attaches, now if I am on a structure or below one and I come under fire I have the option to throw the diamond up to a player or down to the ground - or simply throw the diamond ahead towards the direction of our base - By allowing the diamond to be thrown it makes players work more as a team because they never know when it will be thrown their way this also has players protecting the diamond carrier in the process.

    3. The last change I would make is the box the diamond stays in, I would have an alternative choice in the editor for CTD - just have the diamond on it's own with no cover - by having just a diamond only - any player could drive into an area to steal the enemies diamond ploughing over it and wiping out any opposition in the way.

    Steal The Sample Mode video link

    Uprising mode had a lot of potential but unfortunately it fell short because of one simple thing - we could not choose who we wanted to be as the Captain from the menu, and we could not manipulate the stations to create Custom Game modes.

    The captain was auto assigned and our only option to change was by submitting a vote which was not only annoying but we could also end up with another captain that does not want to take up that spot.

    Changes For The Better - Uprising Mode - Alternate Rules

    How about this for changing the rules, Any player / Team can capture a station and once all the stations belong to one team the stations are locked, This is when one of 2 things happens.

    If the winning team who locked out the stations take down the enemies captain the match is over and they win but if their own captain gets taken down the stations are reset (or become live again and they lose one - that would enable the other team to have another bash at getting their act together)

    It would also make each team learn to protect their captain to have a chance at winning, what a rush it would be when the stations lock out and a team all rush to their captain to help him.

    All team players are more involved instead of the dreadful situation it usually ends up in with FC2.
    The captain should always show up to his team so they know where he is but the enemy would have to find him.

    NEW GAME MODES Needed for FC3

    Last Man Standing
    Last man standing (LMS) is a multiplayer deathmatch gameplay mode featured in the majority of the more recent first-person shooter computer games. The aim of a player in a Last man standing match is to dispatch his opponents and remain the sole survivor; the basic rules followed are generally the same of the Deathmatch gametype, with an important difference: respawn is limited or not allowed at all. Each player is assigned a specific number of lives per match (or just one when there is no respawn); once these lives have been expended, the player will no longer be able to return to the current match and remain as an invisible spectator until there is a winner and the LMS round is over. Within several games players are called to buy or pick up items, while other titles have the players spawned with full weapons and ammo and there are no powerups available on the map.

    Several different variations of the Last man standing mode exist, with the most common being Team LMS. The rules are the same of the standard LMS and the winning team is the one able to eliminate all the members of the opposing teams and keep at least one of its components alive.

    Assault - An attack/defend mode where one team must guard three capture points and the other must capture / take them.

    After each match the teams swap rolls, so attackers then defend.

    Once a base / station is captured it can not be re-taken, The round has a timer ticking down and the winning team is either the one that defends until the timer reaches zero or the team that captures all 3 bases before the round ends.

    By having the correct set up we should be able to make our own custom game modes, KOTH and TERRITORIES would be possible, as would other modes.

    It would be down to having up to 5 capture points available and the ability to place from 1 to 5 in a map, Also to manipulate each capture point so that we can alter the time for the mode required, the order in which they respawn or the option for the station to not respawn, to have all stations placed in the same spot if needed, the mode to be open for Team or Solo play.

    King of the Hill or KOTH involves one team capturing a point and trying to keep it for themselves for a certain amount of time (officially 3 minutes). The other team can capture the point and start their timer. When captured by the enemy, this does not change the time on the other team's timer - it only freezes it. The team thats timer reaches 0 first wins.


    The Uprising A,B,C Stations could be so useful for creating custom game modes but you must give us the tools so that we can use them to our advantage.

    The option to manipulate these stations could allow King Of The Hill, Assault and Seek & Secure (territories modes)

    It would work like this.
    By allowing only one station to be active and having an option to control the time limit on this station to set how long it stays active for, we can then create a King Of The Hill type mode.

    It would be a huge benefit if the Uprising Station had an alternate choice - something like above where there is a disc set as a neutral color, this disc changes to the color of the team who is capturing the station.

    In a perfect world the developers would provide us with these modes but if not we sure as hell need the tools and options to create our own.


    This was an amazing mode on far Cry Instincts back in 2005 (Xbox1) and also on Far Cry Predator (Xbox 360) The player's taking the roll of the Predator have feral abilities and their aim is to take down all the mercs before the mercs can power up a generator which would then end the match granting the mercs a win.

    There is also a reinforcement station which allows dead mercs to be brought back into the game, this takes time to call in and only 1 merc is brought back each time the station is used - a kill on a predator brings dead mercs back also.

    Farcry: Predator Mode Multiplayer Trailer

    This video link below explains the feral abilities which the predators have - run jump faster, feral vision / smell and attack.

    Far Cry Instincts Feral Powers

    Like the Assault Mode from FC1 PC (which had a petition in the Ubisoft Forums Pre Release of FC2 - This Predator mode is also gaining a lot of posts by gamers demanding it to be brought back, although it did not fit the Far Cry 2 Theme of Realism it would still be a fun mode all the same and for those that do not want it on the fun - You do not have to play it.

    Would it be possible to do 2 or 4 player coop missions where the aim is to get from point A to point B, these would be small stages possibly from sections of the single player game, riddled with AI hell bent on taking the players down, instead of killing each other the team would be better off finding each other and then assaulting the area as a team working together - maybe something similar could be looked into as a game mode in multiplayer where up to 4 players have to battle it out against the rest to secure an area - this would sure be an amazing mode and included in the editor to create our own would become a classic - but like Predator mode I am sure the players would need some sort of handicap.

    Another thing to look at if Far Cry 3 uses the weapon ammo crate / refil boxes, it should be possible to have these in a custom made map and have them set to not respawn so that players would eventually run out of ammo and have to resort to using the knife up close for their kills - something like that in Last Man Standing could give a lot of fun on a small chaotic map.

    Far Cry 3's multi player should be a no brainer to developers - they know what we want now they just have to include it in the game and they will reap the rewards as god like status for giving the community everything they wished for.
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    <span class="ev_code_RED">longridr commented</span>

    i think capture the diamond would totally be way better if you could throw the diamond like you said. and have like a 5 second reset so people have a chance to get to it before it dissapears.

    uprising coulda been totally better. i think they should just scrap the team captain idea though, nothing good will come of it. just have someone pick up a vest or something at your base that makes them the captain/ bomb carrier. kinda like call of duty did. would also make for some interesting map ideas.

    last man standing would make for really short games, if they did it in rounds i would totally play it and i've always wanted an assault game mode also, a regular Koth would be nice too.

    totally agree with being able to manipulate stations. it would give reasons to add choke points in maps. predator mode was totally fun too. but they should come out with a mode kinda like it but different, maybe like a special military combat suit instead of being an evolved being. kinda like juggernaut would be fun.

    <span class="ev_code_RED">I like the idea of the vest / suit - if it had properties and could be manipulated to do different things in different game modes it could be a fun item to have in a map.</span>
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    Awsome points, great view on the game modes.

    While i'm not much of the Halo 'Territories" gamemode which appears to be similar to your 'assault' mode, i'll be happy if they just add a Conquest gamemode (BF3).

    the game should simply have Halo's custom game modes and settings, to be honest, it was the best of it's time, it should just be expanded on.
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    Originally posted by Tacosauce45:
    Bring back predator
    More guns
    Small attack helicopter
    Custom Game Modes for Player Match (like make your special classes for players)
    Much faster ranking
    Different eniviroments (Same old is BORING)
    Maybe go a little sci fi
    AND I believe you should put the elephant gun in there for fun...LOL.Thunder
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    What Far Cry 3 Needs to include for multiplayer + mapmaking:

    - ziplines: 1 simple object adds SO much complexity and allows for a Lot of great maps to be made

    - evolutions for custom maps (it brings many great/intuitive maps to life and adds a LOT of gameplay) (it should/ can be an unlockable object through some sort of achievement/ challenge/ or level/ ect

    - Weapon placement on the map (only for non-ranked matches)

    - Improved Caves/cave system

    - a higher object cap per level

    - Breakable objects, walls, buildings

    - Ability to add friendly/enemy Ai to custom maps. (and customization of what weapon/vehicle they can or cannot use, and how they react, And we can cusomize the location(s) of where they spawn, how fast they spawn what units spawn, etc

    (1st Option: Ai take place of missing players (similar to Red Faction 2) until the player joins, which then makes that 1 ai get replaced by that player) [this would be in addition to just ai which do not take the place of players]

    (2nd option: Ai don't take the place of missing players, they are Npc's which we have the abilities mentioned above.

    - A lot more types of vehicles and more of each type. (the more the better)
    (jet-skis + those rafts from FC1 need to be brought back, but improved)

    - objects that can respawn instantly
    - objects that you can manipulate (similar to Halo how you can customize each item)

    - Ability to add more than just a few vehicles

    - More customizable and extensive weather options

    - Vehicles that can carry more than 3 people total.

    - Split screen Needs to be re-implemented for Far Cry 3

    - Make water customizable (Ability to change it [when making the map only] to lava/ poisonous water/ a portal of some kind (either a black hole that kills you, or a portal that teleports you somewhere that you can customize the location of teleportation), etc

    - Add more aerial vehicles
    - Add unique weapons to custom multiplayer (weapons that can be ridiculous, funny, cool, amazing, etc

    - Add more unique buildings/ bridges/ objects

    - doors that can open/shut

    - bridges that can extend/lower, etc

    - more weather customization (lightning storm, hail, snow, etc)

    - More buildings and building types (different cultures/era's) [like Mayan/Aztec, Ancient Oriental/ Egyptian/ Roman/ 1800's European (like Sherlock Holmes-esk time period/ and just because: Alien

    - there Needs to be wildlife that we can create, both Predator types and prey (ie. Lion, jaguar, sheep, cattle, horses, etc)
    - Ability to customize their actions (either friendly/aggressive to some/all, or when attacked)

    - Natural disasters: volcano, earthquake, mudslide, etc (customizable scale, location, and time it takes before occuring) [and there could be an option to make it a random effect + random time/scale)

    - More gametypes (such as King of the hill, [hill size, spawntime/ location(s) needs to be customizable) "big team battle,"
    "Adventure mode" [which would be a boss battle and we can customize the stats/the boss unit, and what weapons/how they react, and there would be an option for random) [this would be 2-4 player co-op

    - some sort of object or placeable lighting to conceal individuals

    - several different traps (that would be considered objects + part of the map)

    - traps that individuals can set up (proximity mines, tripmines (that if the player crosses the lazer it blows up) the traps players could make in Farcry 1/ Instincts predator, and other traps.

    - underwater combat + buildings with pockets of air for underwater bases. (but not just for premade buildings but also for buildings/caves/etc we make.
    [we are able to customize locations of pockets of air in the caves/buildings/things we make that are underwater]

    -Ability in mapmaking to create flowing water, waterfalls, etc which affects swimming/boats/etc.
    (also water that we can make for "sliding" maps [similar to a log plume at theme parks)

    - Fixed-moving objects:
    they are fixed on 1 vertex but can spin or move along that vertex. (ie spinning door, sliding floor that when triggered somehow will open up and cause a player to fall to their death or open up a secret passage, etc)
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    Jordan i dont think the consoles will have splitscreen, the game will be to powerful for the console version. i also think preditor is absoutly perfect for far cry 3, the more options to the players the better. chase i understand u disagree but listen to me, there are going to bad suggestions but suggestions make the game better because the developers are only going to listen to the good ones. the more game modes the better player maps. as for Zombies, no. if they will have a game mode like it, it needs to be original. more guns adds more fun, faster ranking, i got an idea make it player games only lol. i mean if u played ranked matches u wasted ur time. player maps make the game in the mulitplayer section. THEY NEED PLACEABLE WEAPONS, AND A CLASS SYSTEM THAT CAN BE DISABLED. u arent forced to have classes in halo reach and that made the forge maps better. the more options the better, its going to make maps more original.
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    im srry but all these ideas are great split screen would be awsome
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    No more available diamonds after a rank that dosnt support more diamonds !

    I mean after lvl 19 you still got the notice that you have diamonds available but you can use em....

    Totaly nonsense
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    Jordan547, please do not make multiple posts like that, it is a violation of the forum rules.

    Please use the edit key and add to your original post.
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    Please bring back split screen. I use to always have friends over to play the original far cry and I have to say that the most disappointing thing about the second game was that there was no split screen.
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