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    Sergbuto has put out his wolfpack mod. Thanks Sergbuto!
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    Where ??

    No problem... got it!
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    Where can we find that mod ur is just a bad joke
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    Here's the site I always check for great mods. You can find it there.


    Post your experiences with the Wolfpack Mod. Maybe we can help Serg if it needs tweaking or for any future versions.
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    i tested it in SP..worked ok..
    Then I converted it to Mp..
    That didnt work..I can join but clients cannot.
    I guess clients Need the mod also for it to work in MP..But then U dont really need ai subs in mP..games..
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    i havent used it in campaign yet, and im wondering if when you do use it, do they even appear in campaign. as for the mission he made, they just got their hindquarters handed to them, so are the subs even that useful? will they come to your Aid in a contact report?
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