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    I have installed POP3 and the installation worked perfectly. But when i am going to start it it says: "Internal error when accessing one of the application's libraries. Contact your customer Support. Error Code: 1275."

    What should i do? I hace the english version because i live in sweden.
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    Are you running an XP or Vista 64 bit OS? That error code means the OS stopped the copy protection driver from loading because it's a 32 bit driver and therefore incompatible, you'll need to update to the new drivers:

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    Hi, I have the same problem for Blitzkreig 2 and I dont`t know what to do help me please!I`m 12 years old
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    Hi, update to new drivers as suggested above your post. If this doesn't solve the issue then please open a ticket with our Technical Support team, the link is in my signature.
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