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    Okay, I installed IL2:FB patched to 1.2, then installed Aces and then Pacific Fighters and the 4 merged patches in order.

    But when I try to load the game it goes to the splash screen, then to the screen where it shows the loading percentage in the bottom left for a split second, then it goes back to desktop.

    Is this a known issue, a problem with the way I patched it?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hopefully, its nothing more than a patch problem. See this link for correct patching. http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/26310365/m...581083643#5581083643 If you made an error, reapplying the PF merged patches in the correct order should correct your install. If not, an uninstall/reinstall is the next option.
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    Incidentally you did not need to patch between versions as the next disk would do that for you, as for your other problem the fix is below

    you need the new rts.dll file here.


    Download it and put it into the main game folder, it is a well known fault

    from the help site

    It seems that in some cases the file is not being transferred over from the cd correctly and the file shows up as 0kb. The rts.dll file should be 882kb.

    To resolve this problem, please download the attached 'rts.dll' file and save it in the main Forgotten Battles folder (C:\Program Files\Ubi Soft\IL2-Sturmovik Forgotten Battles) as well as the ubi.com folder (C:\Program Files\ubi.com).
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