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    Ok, guys, I'm really stuck at the mission in Paris where you should help out this spy-chick.
    I've destroyed all road blocks and stuff and then she says that I should land near her on the street. She stops her car, I land near and nothing happens. What should I do?
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    You've got to have the plane almost next to her vehicle - you get a cut scene and then the mission continues.
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    Damn, I've landed just next to her car((( It's some kind of a glitch, I think
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    You need to land before her car and then taxi to it. Landing direction also may count (come in over the gardens)
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    Im also having a nightmare with this mission, ive blown up everything available, yet she pulls the car up and then starts harping on about being shot at and the car not being able to take much more, Ive landed practically on top of the bloody thing, am thinking of taking this game back as it is so unclear how you are to end this mission. Anyone know for sure exactly how its done?
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    You have to land before the car and taxi to it. You'll get a message if you go past it.
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    I too have been ripping what hair i have left out trying to get the stupid soy into the plane!! even tried parking in the boot of the car!!!
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    It appears that there's a glitch that makes the objective not work correctly sometimes.

    You certainly don't have to land close to the girl. Landing anywhere on her street (and from any direction) is enough. As soon as your plane is completely stopped you should see a cut-scene and then you will have the girl in your plane.

    If it doesn't work, I'm afraid that your best bet is to restart the mission (yeah, I know what you're going to say to that ).
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    tried that done the mission SOOOO many times!!! even landed waited taken off and landed again right next to the car and no joy. should i take disc back and try another? what do you reckon guys????
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    As I said, don't bother with landing close, that's not it.

    Apparently, the game gltiches if you destroy a certain roadblock before Marguerite detects it. Ironically, I think your problem is that you play too well.

    I think it's the roadblock before the one that is near the river. Just wait for Marguerite to stop next to it, and then destroy it.
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