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    i originally was connecting to ubisoft server as it was saying connection failed etc. to fix it for AC2

    before i did this i couldn't connect to this http://static3.cdn.ubi.com/orb...auncherInstaller.exe. but now that i fixed it i can as i can now connect to their server

    So essentially what to do
    1. Try reinstalling ubisoft game launcher.
    2. If doesn’t work than go to cmd and run it. Type in “net user administrator /active:no” make sure to have space between administrator and slash.
    3. Go to my computer. Got to organise in tool bar and click the drop down box. Click folder and search options. Click the view tab. Unclick the “use sharing wizard(recommended) and than click show hidden files. Click apply.
    4. Got back to my computer. right click c drive, click properties, open security tab, click advanced, go to owners tab and click edit . now you can click/highlight your username(if you click your name only you as the user will have the luxury to alter certain files and folders. or click/highlight administrators (which makes whole files and folders open to any user on the computer) and tick the box at the bottom at says “replace owners on subcontainers and objects. Click apply
    5. Some system errors will come up. Just keep clicking continue. I had to click continue about 400 times. It might be diff for you.
    6. Once all that is complete go to my computer open c drive, windows, system32, drivers, etc. right click the host file and copy. Paste it onto your desktop. Delete the host file in the etc folder. ( for some people this host file may be in the drivers folder.).
    7. Go to your desktop and open the host file in notepad. Delete the lines about ubisoft. About 5 of them. For me it was these static3.cdn.ubi.com ubisoft-orbit.s3.amazonaws.com onlineconfigservice.ubi.com orbitservice.ubi.com ubisoft-orbit-savegames.s3.amazonaws.com

    But anything with ubi or ubisoft in it delete.

    8. Now click save as under file name it host and file type as “all files’ and save it to the location where the original was
    9. The host file on your desktop is a backup just in case.
    10. Now run your game or the launcher and should be fine.
    Using everyones help online from just about every forum and thread on this. This is what I composed. I wish I could have come across this

    hope this helps.
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    Thanks to you, zman, I can finally play. Thanks a lot! Process may take a bit of time to perform but the end result is satisfying
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    After trying many things I finally got my Steam - For Dust working by disabling my second monitor. Kind of a shame to have to do that to play but <shrug>. Hopefully it will help someone else.
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    how to link your account??
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    help how to link your account???
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    Thank you zman08!

    @zman08: Thanks a lot m8, you just made my day. After purchasing Settlers 7, there simply was no f****** way to get synchronized to the game servers. Tried a lot of useless stupid stuff google provided. Your solution was the last thing I wanted to try before switching to hatemailing Ubisoft and Steam about demanding my money back. So thanks again, awesome work!

    @ubisoft: simply: shame on you. SHAME SHAME SHAME. I think I don't need to explain that further. Everyone knows why. You know. Your customers know. I'm finally going to play a game for which I paid 40€ and about 3 hours of internet research.
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    Thanks for the link, it was really hard to find. As for the Ubisoft user experience: I was aware that i would take a risk coming here and purchasing something (as their understanding of customer service seems to be abit odd), but man, you even have to make a in depth google search to simply be able to launch.
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    Failed to Start Ubisoft Game Launcher

    Dear Support,

    I would be really thankful if you'd help me out. I experienced a problem while launching Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction. I bought via Steam and when i launch it a box pops up which says: "Failed To Load Configuration, Please restart the game. If This Error persists please contact Ubisoft Support." this box appears when the game launcher is checking for updates, Thank you
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    I Love you bro
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