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  • 10/10 This driving game rules

    13 31.71%
  • 9/10 Excellent driving game

    11 26.83%
  • 8/10 Very good driving game

    7 17.07%
  • 7/10 Good, but room for improvement

    7 17.07%
  • 6/10 It's fair for a driving game.

    1 2.44%
  • 5/10 Needs a lot of work for a driving game

    1 2.44%
  • 4 and below/10 I don't like it at all... (reason)

    1 2.44%
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    I'd like to see what you think of DSF so far, from what you've played. Based on your playtime, how would you rate it so far?
    As you play more, feel free to change your vote if possible.

    So far, I'm giving it a 10/10. We'll see. I have to say, Reflections nailed this one. Wow. (I didn't play the demo). It's definitely the best Driver IMO not only thanks to the top notch controls, but also thanks to shift and almost everything else, having played it for 4 hours so far. Very impressed. I've only unlocked part of the city, but that's mainly cause I'm Tagging cars left and right as a cop car, and free roaming at will.

    I can't get over the level of detail in the city and the amount of traffic.
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    Well I've only played the full console game for about 8 or so hours and I already have my impressions here- but to add a score from your scale I would give it a 7/10 so far. The multiplayer modes that I tried were pretty fun, but there was potential to be much more, and the car handling is a bit of a sore point because -as much as it works fine on it's own- it is a far cry from the Driver 1 handling we were promised.

    Also having the carpark level as the only bonus for older fans was pretty weak. Just how long now have most of us been clamouring for full unlocks of the 1st/2nd games now? If other games can pull it off flawlessly then so can you, D:SF.
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    The car vehicle handling kicks butt IMO, though I would like to master the e-brake which is still a learning process.

    I'm having trouble finding weak spots at this early stage, but will keep an open mind once the game's completed.

    To give some perspective, Compared to Driv3r, it wipes it out IMO, and I gave that game a 8/10 for the free roam. The missions in Driv3r, I gave a 6/10.

    D1, I'd give a 9/10, D2 a 8/10 (bad framerate pop in), DPL 8/10.
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    Yes but in the previews they didn't tell us the handling kicked butt, they told us it was like Driver 1, which it most certainly isn't.
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    In my view it is like D1, in terms of handling. The only exception is that D1 had default handbrake and in this one, you'll have to learn it because you need to press the button at the right moment.

    We also have to remember that this is ps3 not ps1, so every game will feel a bit different, BUT I picked up the handling immediately because it felt like a proper Driver game from the start.
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    Can't stop playing the MP... loving it - I think the traffic really adds a lot to the online play modes. Makes each experience unique and thrilling.

    Now if everyone would learn to turn off their sirens during the Takedown games lol

    All the game modes are really fun! And they seem very balanced in terms of powers recharging and other stuff.

    Great job! MP 10/10 for me!
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    just disappointed in the film director, here are the improvements I want for it
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    I'd probably give it an 8 or 8.5. Its the best car game I've played on current consoles, the cars handle right, though not quite like Driver 1, its a bit easier, and probably the closest any sequel has come to Driver 1 physics, shift is fun to use, good amount of traffic, high speeds. The story seems better than previous games so far.

    My favorite thing to do so far is cause some freeway chaos, because the cars don't stop, they just push anything out of their way! I hope they never fix that! I totaled a ramp truck on the highway, sat back and watched it all unfold. It was like the Matrix with all the cars corkscrewing through the air!

    A few things holding it back would be not being able to roll your car multiple times before it comes to a rest. Also, invisible walls keeping you from going into areas that look enterable if only you could smash through a thin obstacle, not to mention when you ramp off a truck and are about to fly off the road, but cannot. And not my last complaint, but probably the last one worth mentioning (as of now), cross traffic at intersections, they just stop right in front of you. Even knowing that they do this is not enough to avoid them, because you're never sure where exactly they'll stop. If you aim behind them like you should, they'll stop short and be in you way. And if you try to go in front, they won't stop until they're blocking you.

    I haven't played multiplayer aside from the demo yet, but it was fun. I'm just trying to unlock stuff for now. I guess I should play MP while there are still people on it
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    Those are some good points made.

    As Assassin Hun7er suggested, D1 did have the handbrake to automatically turn on when turning, which explains why your car in D1 screeches tires even when zig zagging back and forth in a straight line. Shut off the handbrake, and your turns will all go wide unless you hit the e-brake.

    My favorite parts:
    -The Ramp trucks all throughout the city is like Drop a Ramp
    -the TAG mode rules
    -The freeway chaos is impressive as J suggests
    -Shift is awesome/instant car jacking
    -Framerate fast
    -great variety of vehicles (unfortunately no bikes). I like the green family truckster car from the Vacation movie, along with all the sports cars, trucks, big rigs and so on.
    -The interior dash view is really well done with the nice zoom feature and the useful angles you can look while inside.
    -Nice 3rd person and other camera views too.
    -Thrill cam is cool.
    =The random cop chases are fun to watch
    -Tons of pedestrians and traffic
    -Real double yellow lines this time
    -Nice upgrades and mini games to play, unlock
    -If your want a hint of being on foot, you can shut off the engine sound and go into the First Person view to walk the side walks.
    -Nice graphics and challenging missions later on
    - Ram feature, sense of scale, fast paced, crash damage, hitting all the awesome road jumps of SF, etc...
    -physics make your car a lot tougher this time, with more force which I enjoy. Some decent flipping (I got my car to land on its roof).

    Best game of the year so far for this Driver fan.
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    This is the best DRIVER game to date I'm addicted,I'm almost finished with chapter 4 I mean everything there is to do challenges,dares,tokens&races.Can't wait until I get enough UPLAY points for the extra stuff.Great job UBISOFT REFLECTIONS keep up the good work. I AM THE WHEELMAN(oh yah baby). 10/10
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