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    What are your favorite characters from Hells Highway and why?
    Mine are:Paddock, Zanovich, Courtland, Campbell and Jasper.
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    Why do you like those characters, dad1d?

    Of course I like Matthew Baker. He's my favourite character. He's a strong leader, and he has a big heart. The only problem is, he blames himself too much for the death of his fellow squad-mates (it's inevitable) - he's very hard on himself. He just doesn't know how much of a good job he's doing really. I feel sorry for him, it's really sad. He's the kind of guy that goes: "If I could've done this differently..." and always goes back to the past. He's got the biggest heart - it just may be his downfall. So, "What makes a good soldier, is it his heart or his brain?".

    I like Sam Corrion as well. He's such a good soldier. But he isn't yet ready to be a leader. What happened with Franky for example. (SPOILER ALERT) He should've stopped Franky from saving that girl! Franky's only a kid. Letting him go just like that it was wrong. I know Franky would've never forgiven Sam if he had stopped him. But that's being part of being a leader. Maybe that's why he just isn't ready yet!

    I like Red too of course. Another top notch leader. He knows what to do in a battle, and doesn't take the death of his soldiers as hard as Matthew does - "it's part of war". He moves forward, doesn't look back. (SPOILER ALERT) Now he's back home with his wife and kids. Maybe it's better that way.
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    Well I definitly like Baker and Corrion also but I think Zano and Courtland are great characters because they are part of the original 13 and do not question Baker's authority like Corrion and Red did. I am undecided on Red's character because he seems to PO'd at Baker. Campbell is a worthy soldier in 2nd squad(although a loud mouth) and Jasper's .30 cal is beast.
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    matthew baker, sam corion ,courtland
    their all good men and know how to get the job done i cant see the game without them
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    well said
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    Hartsock by far!

    'Red' really evolved from the first game and counter-balancing both his and Baker's stories between the first and second games was great. But I saw Red developing over the games and felt it was plausible. He's under Matt's command at the beginning as a fireteam leader and he's a bit of a soft-spoken hard nut from Wyoming with a wife and a baby girl. All simple enough.

    But he's forced to lead and begins wisening up thanks to the events he takes part in. We see him promoted at the end of RTH30 and when the story opens with Red discussing past events with the Marshall in EiB it's very clear that weeks of fighting have changed him somewhat. We first see the reaction in RTH30 when he tosses his helmet away before Cole's Charge but when they explain him going back to get it in EiB I almost sense this kind of 'acceptance' of what is happening and a determination to get through it.

    By Hell's Highway he's a real leader, tough and confident with hardly any reservations at all. He's grown into the squad leader role and seems to have actually taken a lot of his inspiration from Baker in some sense.
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    Red was my favorite. Baker always seemed like a confused leader to me.
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    Hello forum, new user and long time fan of BiA series.

    Oh man, there's so many great characters in this series it's tough to nail down.

    Lt. Col. Cole- What a man. Not much to say about him. Good ol' boy who would never put his life above his men's. That's a **** good leader if I've ever known one.

    Allen & Garnett- They were both just really cool guys that I felt like I could actually know if that makes since. I'm a sucker for a good friendship.

    Red- Who doesn't love Red? The first (permanent) friendly face you ever see in RTH30 and I know he was one of my favorites the moment I saw him.

    Paddock- A little embarrassed about this one. I see a few similarities between him and I, we're both southern boys (yes, accent an' all here), both abrasive, smart mouthed, hot heads. I dunno, he just cracks me up. Like with trying to shoot the jeep.

    Matt- You've gotta love Baker. Like someone said earlier, he's a good leader but his greatest strength is his greatest weakness, his heart. I love that he cares so deeply for each of his soldiers and I can't say anything about him taking the loss of each soldier so hard because in all honesty... I'd be just like that. I must ask guys, what do you think make's a great soldier, is it his brain? or his heart?

    Zano & Obi- Legit names ftw! In all honesty though, I like Zano. Loyal, never questioning. A veteran soldier willing to follow Baker into hell. Literally. Ah, and poor Obi. I think I like him out of pity almost, I was so affected by seeing him topple off of that church tower (I was young at the time) and I dunno, I've never forgotten that scene.

    Jasper & Connor- Really cool two man team. Though they're not as deep as Allen and Garnett. Also, Jasper's country XD

    Dawson- Though I'm not religious personally, I like his spiritual side and I really liked him after the whole incident with Franky's jacket (Which Matt was kind of an *** about)

    There really isn't a character you can dislike. There's probably more that I love in this series but at 3:30 in the mornin' I'm a bit fried.

    Oh! and how could I forget McCreary? We're both Micks XD

    Sorry for the rant guys, I know that's a lot to read and most probably won't read it but meh, it's late and I just kinda typed whatever came to mind, and I love this series and the whole era. Goodnight forum.
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    My top 10
    1.Hassey <span class="ev_code_RED">(OF COURSE!)</span>

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