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    I hope this is a simple fix.

    I've had IL2 Forgotten Battles for a while now, and reinstalled it when I upgraded my computer.

    I picked up a three pack today of IL2, Pacific Fighters, and Lock On. Lock On works, IL2 I don't need obviously, and Pacific Fighter stand alone all work.

    The Merged version just sits and stares at me when I try to launch it.

    The hard drive spins for a second then shuts off and that's it.

    I've reinstalled, I've patched to 3.03, I've shaken a dead chicken over the keyboard. It ain't happening.

    Any advice?
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    Sure the chicken was dead?

    Welcome to the community M8.

    You state merged, and mention FB and PF. But not the Aces Expansion Pack?

    Merged requires all three....please clarify
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    It's all three. I've got a IL2: Forgotten Battles combo set that I'm trying to install Pacific Fighters over. It says Aces Expansion on the disk so...

    I'm installing to E:\Ubisoft\IL2
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    Well, wild guess here.... some ppl have reported on this problem, solution being ... they missed a disk... it's kinda hidden inside the box... somewhere...
    Me thinks you should've used:
    FB #1
    FB #2
    AEP #1
    PF #1
    PF #2 ...
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    Not here. The *gold pack* installs Forgotten Battles at the same time.

    [edit: Doh, I had a disk in a different folder. heh.]
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