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    FIRST OF ALL: THIS IS NOT A FLAME THREAD. Only an opinion thread to get Ubisofts attention.

    It just seems to me that Ubisoft just doesn't care about their games or community. I mean, look at Farcry 2, it's a mess...

    -Ubi recomended hasn't been updated in over a month or MORE.
    -Bad post support. They just patched the game enough to make it barely playable again. (SP glitch)
    -Weapons in Multiplayer did not need to be fixed. It's why everyone is using the AR now.
    -They dont talk to their community about the next Farcry, if there even is one..
    -Multiplayer modes are slim and very lazy.
    -The DLC was a total joke. The only thing good about it was the new vehicles. AND THEY CANT EVEN BE USED IN THE MAP EDITOR?!
    -Weapon placement was removed for a horrible class system.

    Dont get me wrong, I love the multiplayer exclusively due to the Map Editor. But All I see here is potential. Potential that has been wasted. It's like they took everything about the Map Editor that could have been great, and threw it away. I mean, look at the things that could have been removed from the map editor in to make way for better features.

    -Vehicle and weapon degradation is a waist of game resources. They could have scrapped both of these in favor on more than 6 vehicles at a time.
    -And so is the fire mechanic. I mean, do we REALLY need fire propagation? It is a neat feature, but is it necessary?

    I played a map yesterday called Super Mario 64 (360) that was based outside the princesses castle. It had a user made waterfall (that YOU had to trigger.) that was utterly impressive. Ravens Cove (360) has an elevator!

    It's just a shame that things like these did not come with the editor standard. All because it seems the devs were too lazy to add such things.

    And then of course all the GREAT features from the first Farcry's map editor were removed. WHY?!

    -Zip lines were fanTASTIC
    -Predator mode was all I played besides TDM
    -smooth framerate
    -fantastic looking water effects (all we got in FC2 was dingy flat water that you cant even see or even FIGHT in.)

    Come on UBI! Where is the love for the community that helps keep YOU alive!?


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    Oh. and lets not forget about Map editor LIGHTING effects! Where were those?
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    Farcry 2 and the way how UBI supported it, for me, is one of the main reasons not to buy any future games from them.

    I've been on the multiplayer since it came out (PS3) and here are my most annoying facts about this game:

    - DLC and patches have been a joke from the very first day. Everybody will remeber the epic patch fail that prevented the US from playing with the rest of the world for a couple of month!!

    - Nearly all the top players on the world rankings are cheaters for a fact! Manipulated stats over and over. I worked hard for my 5.5 KD and to see noobs with fake stats in the rankings is just a shame. The bad thing is, they are easy to be spotted but Ubi does nothing about it. Seriously, if somebody killed 36.000 Captains in 1.000 games on uprising, does that sound like it's for real????? Cheaters shouls be permabanned with 0 tolerance.

    - Through all those updates, UBI never managed to compensate the LAG! This is a real nutcracker as competitive gaming is just not possible. Even if you pick a quality host with a 50Meg Broadband connection, some players just LAG like hell.

    - The whole bugfixing policy at UBI seems like way out of place. Now that the lobby re-opens after the round ends, you can't have more than 13 players in because otherwise it won't re-open. That's like closing the front door but leaving the backdoor wide open. (Just an example)

    Overall, UBI thinks just like most of the players do i guess.

    You now what i think!? As soon as there is OF2 i will not touch FC2 again. Period.

    UBI really had the chance to make this shooter an epic experience as there was nothing out there on PS3 and Xbox to be compared to it. Fact is, they failed because they let this game die so early that it didn't have the chance to show how good it actually is.
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    Farcry 2 and the way how UBI supported it, for me, is one of the main reasons not to buy any future games from them.
    Not Even Assassins Creed 2!

    Now, I agree that The Fortunes Pack was lazy, and the manipulation of the stats is a bannable offence, but the fact that the base of this game is a pretty solid one has me won over. The Water effects are pretty explanitory. It's Africa, it's not like there's going to be a hidden pure oasis in the middle of a slum where the people wash themselves AND go to the toilet in.

    Most of legacyzero's post is about the Map editor. The Single Player game is great as well. The potential to make the editor great is still there, we jsut need some creative modders. Ubi HAS been slack on it's updates, extremely slack, but they are an extremely busy company. They may jsut not have the time to update it once a month.

    This game isnt dead, it's just... hibernating. Once Ubi get around to patching up (properly), this game may have a revival, like disco in the 90's. Yes, Ubisoft hyped this game up, and yes, after a while, it was a bit of a dissapointment. This fact doesn't mean that this game was crap just because the map editor wasn't as great as the original FarCry's (largely due to Crytek's superiority in all things gaming). FarCry 2 is still a mostly great game. This is coming on PS3, and Australaia. The Lag when I am playing isn't crippling. In fact, it's hardly noticable. And here our country is, ranting on about how America and England has vastly superior Broadband, while we can't see a difference in the Single Player and Multi-player experience. In my mind, Ubi does have a lot of catching up to do with it's support of this game, but just because this game has some minor minor flaws doesn't prevent FC2 from being an excellent game.
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    Thank you for your feedback but please post it here-
    Far Cry 2 360 Feedback/Bug Report

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