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    lockon or flaming cliffs will not initiate flight controll with my x52 flight system even though it lists it in the game controller menu. each time I select the x-52 fight controller it appear in the selection window, but when I attempt to fly my aircraft it will not respond to joy stick input. when I go back and look at the game controller menu the keyboard will always be reselected by the lockon program. what's wrong?
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    First of all, I will talk about what you see when you go into OPTIONS. You are thinking that because you see "Keyboard" that Lockon has somehow lost what you set up and "swapped" back to using keyboard input. It hasnt. It always shows "keyboard" as the default in that dropdown menu. The keyboard is always an active method of giving commands as well as any other devices youve set up. So that isnt a problem.

    One issue with X52 and Lockon is assigning buttons,keys etc. Do this with the Saitek SST softare and make a profile for yourself. Only assign the throttle, and stick movement inside Lockon OPTIONS. Don't map your keys in the lock on OPTIONS menu because you will always get 33, 34, 35, and 36 as always on and that'll screw you up.

    One problem I had was that once my stick and throttle movement was set up inside Lockon OPTIONS, I forgot to save before I came out of OPTIONS. D'Oh!
    Another problem (cant believe Im admitting this one) was that the first time I had everything ready, I forgot to start up the X52 and load my profile before I started Lockon itself. D'Oh! Naturally Lockon couldnt see my X52 as there was no X52 software running! I soon figured that out and once I had, it all seemed to work fine.
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    somewhere I saw a whole thread on the x-52, how to install correctly...etc , it was a LOMAC FC 2 Forum, maybe RU or UK.
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