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    My event camera seems to come on only once and awhile.Can't I turn it on whenever I want to?
    I'm running 1.3v and I have only been at the naval academy no career mode yet.Will it change when I run my first career maybe?
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    The event cam will only come on when a significant event happens ie: a torpedo hits or a ship sinks. You cannot turn it on at will, you can only turn it off(using the "/" key).

    Personally I dont see the point in the event camera. I would MUCH rather get the extra renown for playing at a higher difficulty rating that use the event cam.
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    Hmmm I wonder if your talking about the Event camera or the free camera (F12)
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    The event camera I have turned on cause it was fun but maybe you can do with the free camera instead. The even camera is bothering me when I am in the convoys and shoot forward, then I go to F6 to set the dials for shooting one of the aft torpedoes and I am in a hurry and that **** window pops up over the dials, haven't tried very har but would like to move it, we don't have anything significant in the upper left corner do we? So there is where it should be. I think I turn it off now.
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