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    I would like to know from some experienced players what is a good setup fro controls on your keyboard and Hotas (Wigman Extreme) I would apprecaite any help in this area to give me the best and easiest setup while learning the game. I am mainly use to FPS and this setup is totally different. Thanks
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    Since there isn't as much rapid key use as in an FPS key placement isn't quite as important. However, certain actions such as Folding Wings, Eject, etc... I would recommend making combo keys (ie: CTRL+F for wing fold) so they don't get tapped accidentally. What I did a long time ago was map everything and then type it up and tape it to the side of the monitor. Eventually you get it all memorized.
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    Skycat2 has a pretty nice setup in the thread linked by his name.<div class="ev_tpc_signature">

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