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    i see every 1 talking about r6: 3 and r6:BA and how they miss it.. I can see why.. it is a good lookin game and i want it myself.. but if u wana play it soo badly why not just settle for r6 : 3 and get a ps2?? i am tryin to bring r6: 3 back to life on ps2, it works fine but no 1 plays.. all u r6BA lovers settle for r6: 3 and get a ps2 itd be 45 dollars total.. and if u really wanted 2 play it u guys would! Im down to play anytime! it works just fine on ps2 online. also lockdown and GR: jungle storm!~
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    dude i want ppl 2 play soo badly.. I will send u the damn game if u dont have it. just 2 play w/ me!
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    i understand what your saying but we become arrigant to the thought of Playstation and the point that they wont make the game over it was top 3 xbox live game for years during og xbox and halo was the only competitor during the time. now we are left with a company that forgot how much money we gave them, i bought over 12 disc for the xbox i wont buy no playstation for it. but i wont hesistate to pay 60 for a xbox orginal release HINT HINT halo 1 is going online >_> , i remeber going to gamer basements and small tourtments for lan. playing mechassault halo one and the best players (like me) would always bring copies of RBSIX3ba/oldbow for us
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