the Battle fields are awesome
you did a great job with the veteran system
detailed graphics are great
Good mixture of terrain and urban areas
Voice activated commands (Inaccurate and annoying)
You really should have allowed for more battle field strategy while in real time
SHould have given the option to place units in key areas of a map prior to starting game
You limited yourselves to uplink and elimination style gaming. THere are more aspects to the battle field then just securing uplinks and eliminating the enemy. Your "raid" gameplay was almost awesome. Typically you have intel on the enemies movement so you have time to emplace minefields and other defensive structures. Then if you hold off the enemy advance you go right into a counter attack.


Allow the user to customize SOPs
Give the user the ability to do planning prior to starting the game.
Allow the user(s) to fill leadership roles such as: Brigade CMDR, Battalion CMDR, Company CMDR, Platoon LDR.
allow the user to use topographical maps to designate terrain
allow the user to request fire support
Allow selection of priority fires

You guys had a great idea you just failed to go outside the boxes box.