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    i dont lnow how to get a dlc bow pack
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    i click-on register then added my birthday info then click-on log-in

    the extra code page came up then

    main page avatar USA: http://avatargame.us.ubi.com/#/dlc?u...=Avatar+Launch
    Originally Posted by avatardlccode Go to original post
    OK I have found 3 weapon packs available.

    http://avatargame.uk.ubi.com/#/dlc < this one doesnt want to work for me, but try anyway.

    http://avatargame.us.ubi.com/a...mpaign=Avatar+Launch < this one only worked for me when i made a profile with the country USA.

    http://au.gamespot.com/event/codes/avatar-xbox360/ < this one is the same as the one you get with the limited edition.
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    Could someone write a walkthrough of how to find a DLC code for avatar because i cannot for the life of me figure it out
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    hello my from is poland sorry for my englisch , i need friends to play avatar multiplayer my ps3 nick is P94041812997 thanks very much
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