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    Hey guys,

    We've noticed that these two issues are beginning to be more frequently reported, however we're having some difficulty isolating the issue. If you are experiencing either of these (and for the buddies attacking you, be sure this is only happening AFTER you complete the game and start over), we would appreciate if you can provide us with a bit more information.

    Please post here and let us know:

    * What platform are you playing on?

    * If you are on PS3 or PC, would you be able to provide a saved game?
    (If you can, please contact customer support... click here for US support, click here if you're not in the US)

    * What were you doing right before experiencing the problem, both in-game and prior to playing FC2?

    * What are your settings, and what version number is your game on?)

    {Note: In order to keep the information in this thread easier to go through, any non-reports will be deleted. Feel free to utilize other threads. }
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    Hello, an italian fella here.
    I was playing on xbox360, the issue occurred around 58-60% of the game (18-20hrs of gameplay, ).
    I was already in bowa-seko, handled a couple of primary missions, a couple of arms dealer convoy missions, and a buddy mission (nasreen asked me to kill the guy in the dogon village) that i think about it, i think it was after that mission that my save game #ù@ked up (I saved after returning to the marina to tell my buddy the job was done...check that out out! I was prompted to save, I didn't manually do it)..

    And, kimi, did they actually fix the acceleration on aiming in multiplayer?
    Maybe i'm just fooling myself, LoL.

    Keep it up, solve the issue.
    I know it's naive of me, but I had only that one save game...
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    I'm from germany. Playing the german version.

    Freezing Save Game

    * What platform are you playing on?

    * What were you doing right before experiencing the problem, both in-game and prior to playing FC2?

    Turned on the Box. Started the game. Downloaded the patch as it prompted me to do so. Loaded my last save game. (Only had one since the beginning that I have overwritten all the time). Played an Arms Dealer and one Assasination-Mission (saved a couple of times). Accepted a mission from UFLL (was at 62% Progress at that point). Then my buddy called and I went for the blue marker and met the guy in a safehouse. Talked to him and slept. Then I saved. On the way to the objective the game froze. Turned off the box because nothing else worked. Turned on the box. Loaded my game and from that point on the game freezes everytime I try to load.

    ps: Maybe someone knows what mission exactly you have to do for the UFLL at 62%, because I cant remember (something at the dentist-clinic?).
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    Now that you make me think of it, I was around that mission too...mumble...
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    *Xbox 360

    *I havent played any other games or done anything else with my xbox since starting to play far cry 2. I had done all the cell tower, arms dealer and underground side missions, unlocked all the safe houses and scouted all but one of the guard posts. i was 67% through the main storyline and i killed a buddy by mistake during a mission. i tried to reload my last save and it crashed. i reset my console, tried to load the save again and it crashed again. i turned my xbox off again, turned it on again and i had the RROD! bricked

    *I installed the update that i was prompted to install when i first played the game. the game was on normal difficulty, in fact all default settings.
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    I have the "save games freezing" problem.

    I'm playing on 360, european version. I don't remember what I did when the problems started, but nothing special, just playing the game normally. I had recently finished all available side missions (buddy, side, underground etc, except I hadn't found all the buddies) on the second map, around 60% and 23 hours in, discovered all the safehouses almost all the guard posts. I had just started doing the main missions in the southern portion (had about 20/33 done). Suddenly when I loaded my save it froze, and now about 80-90% of the saves I make freeze on load.

    My buddy has the same problem, he was about 65% and 20+ hours in, had also done all the side missions and was starting on the main missions on the second map same as me, when his saves started freezing on load.

    I've seen a lot of people having this problem, and it seems most get it at around the 60-70% mark, and many have also said that they have finished most or all of the side missions.

    Hope this helps.
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    Im giving up on UBI.

    Xbox 360.
    Im at the second part of the game. Just finished a destroying the radio for Frank.

    Then Im supposed to meet him at the Marina bar. The thing is the door to the bar wont open. The action button wont even show up. Its indicated on the map and misson details: "Im sure he's down at the Marina bar waiting to hear from me"

    I have no idea what could have caused this. I do what I regulary do when Im playing the game. Im at 54% Hardcore mode, 17/33 main missons, 7/12 buddy missons, side mission 19/40.

    Good bye and good luck UBI. You'll never see me buying another game from you. Ever! I'v had enough of your buggy games, lack of patch updating, unfinished MP.
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    I have it too.

    Its an Xbox 360 edition on normal difficatly and at 50%. Done about 30 of the sidequests

    All I've done is play the game for the last week and I had just finished a sidequest and saved before accepting a main quest.

    Version number I dont know, but since its Xbox 360 I presume its whatever the current version is after connecting to Live.
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    Yo guys, let's just cut on the "Good bye Ubi.." posts.. I actually feel like you, but I bet there's a ton of threads for those.
    Let's try to keep it straight and neat in this one, maybe we could actually be helpful in solving the issue.

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    I'm now stuck at 27%
    four buddies alive, one dead.
    I've completed all missions at Mikes Bar, all gun missions and all cell tower missions (no more ! at any of them).

    There's an exclamation mark at the faction door (UFLL HQ), but the guy won't let me in. He's just half-turned away.

    I have four saves, but unforunately somewhere after this problem happened and before I went to the next mission to notice this was a problem, I started doing side quests and wrote over all my saves as I incrementally finished more missions. I had three buddy missions left when I first started to see this problem. Finished all those and tried to get in the faction during and after completing each of the side missions to no avail.

    I'll send a save file.
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