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    Hi All,

    I'm trying to get the most detailed list of multiplayer features desired by those playing the multiplayer the most. Please provide your wants/recommendations.

    - Network optimization (best connection hosts)
    - Robust server host admin features
    - etc..

    Feel free to expand on features that get suggested or add details.

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  2. #2 it relates to pretty much everything!

    Primarily to host admin features, it would be great to be able to pick any weapon loadout, map, gametype, pick from preset or random spawn points (perhaps closer together for deathmatch games, further apart for more tactical/strategic gametypes).

    Along with network optimization, the ability for the game to continue if the 'host' leaves and assign hosting duties to the next best connection.

    Strong voice component, perhaps proximity voice or if it's push to talk, have it only require one push and then have the channel stay open until the person stops talking (again, similar to Halo2) and make sure the dead cannot speak to the living .

    Strong optimatch or game search function again focusing on customization, allow me to search for specific types of games (hopefully for the 360 you'd be able to utilize the trueskill system or whatever it's called, matching up players with similar profiles/feedback etc).
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    im gonna go with olli on everything he said except for the push button to talk feature, that is the stupidest thing i have ever seen done espicially when the enemy can hear u when they are near you, 1 thing i would like to add is a Point Saving function. when people wuit thier score goes with them it doesnt stay in the game for the team they were on, and a quit game stat traker would be good, so when people quit cuz they die too much they would still get the deaths added on
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    Multiplayer Features:
    <LI>Optimatch must have accurate host info.
    <LI>Gameplay more related to Ba. Reason being because in non PEC games the game felt boring and not adictive.
    <LI>Make maps with more choke points. Maybe more than 2 because alot of the maps only had 2 points.
    <LI>RANDOM spawn points in team Sharpshooter.
    <LI>Removing the way the grenade is thrown. This isnt Halo and make this more fast pace.
    <LI>A big selection of weapons. Something like 30 guns, more than 3 pistols, and maybe add customizations to guns.
    <LI>Letting us make our own operative and remove classes. The classes was kiding of umb because some clases was more overpowering. Remove classes and just make it you create ur own unique character with custom camo and letting make an icon that we can wear as a patch.
    <LI>I forgot about this but maybe add back the crounching from the Rainbow Six/BA. I know alot of ppl didnt like this but i sure heck did. It made the head to head confrontation fun. In lockdown i didnt like to run, stop just to crounch. Also the doors make it open instantly. I dont know how many times i have died tryin to get away from the enemy because a the pause the game has to do b4 the door opens. [/list]
    Thats all i can think of but i know alot of people have more ideas. Make it addictive and fun!
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    Im going to make this quick and simple. Old rainbow six 3 gameplay with customization and no PEC, none, nota, zip, zilch, I heard the PC gamers got lucky with no PEC, plz no PEC, it effects the overall outcome of the game one way or another.

    (Basically Hipnotix idea's )
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    - Old rainbowsix 3 play, specifically, the gameplay
    - No PEC, PEC is a downgrade, and made unfair gameplay
    - Weapon customization
    - Slow down the game, basically my first point
    - character Customization, not PEC, just appearance
    - Have players be same color, I didnt like not knowing if I was shooting my mates or not, I was fast on reations
    - RS3 shooting, this is important because it was realistic, RSL wasnt very realistic (because of run and gun, and spray and pray)
    - In a nutshell, Rainbow six 3 with new maps, graphics, and character customization (NO PEC, THIS IS NOT AN RPG REMEMBER THAT PLZ, ALL WE WANT IS SIMPLE OLD RAINBOW SIX), and no proxies either, So what if there are such things in real life, you dont see the operatives using flamethrowers do you?
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    More weapons... and more maps(we need an assualt pack or something)
    I know that peope would love to play some classic maps like carnival, garage, airport, and the likes.
    I also think what you did witht he PEC is great, i like the idea of different classes, what i dont like is having to stay with that class all the time...i recommend making it where everyone has medium armor(or no armor at all...just looks like it on their uniform) and you can pick any weapon you want, and then choose if you ant grenades or a knife, or a med pack, or whatever...let us be able to "switch" classes based on what we want to do.
    Lets say one map i want a heavy weapon, and a key card, then the next i want an assault rifle and a med pack or whatever...just make every item available to every player.
    Get rid of the stars level up thing...every gun and every item should work the same for everybody.( I love PEC mode, but i would enjoy this solution just as much)
    This way anyone can jump in a room and do just as well as anyone else and can still have the loadout they want.
    It would be cool to be able to customize your weapon as well...say a primary weapon that you choose at the beginning of the game or something you earn as you invest time in the game... like adding scopes, or laser mounts...just something like that.
    Clinic would be a great map, if one team started out on the first floor and the other team on the second...most people dont even know there is another floor on that map.
    I like the ideaof customizing my uniform, and headgears, but maybe they should actually do something...the helmets and such are just eye pleasers nothing else.
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    1. Give back our FFA gametypes. I know the game is team based, but FFA is the ultimate stress reliever and game to play when your friends aren't on.

    2. See #1
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    What are some must-haves for online play? Let€s see..

    1) Ranked/Unranked games. Ranked games could be set up for stat tracking and quite possibly a lobby setup similar to Matchmaking in Halo 2 online (the best connection out of the bunch becomes the host, any map on any team, exc.).
    2) More emphasis on squad interaction. Give the players more choices and reasons to play squad based matches. Let the squads pick & choose their uniform and kit options before the matches, after the map loads.
    3) REMOVE BOOTING/KICKIN OPTIONS. Biggest upset in Black Arrow and Rainbow Six 3. If a player was winning by a landslide online, then the host would boot them on site. There should be a voting system very much similar to Battlefield 2. If there are a certain number of votes made against a particular player, then it acts as a warning. If the player turned hostile and started up with friendly fire (even after being voted to kick), then that player would be booted once fired upon a friendly, accident or incidental.
    4) Customization. Been touched on to death by so many here all ready, I honestly think this will be included in the next Rainbow. IMO, just giving us all the weapons from Raven Shield with the same customization would be nice.
    5) Make PEC act more as a marketplace and stat boost for weapons and equipment only. Again, touched on by many here, let the playing field stay equally level among the players and just keep the modifications and upgrades to the weapons.
    6) Open mic, push button mic. Again, not to bite off Halo 2€s style, but this should be included in the next Rainbow. You can speak on an open mic within a certain radius of your team, and then push down a button to talk to the squad. Makes for tactics to be much better online with this option. You can keep chatter to a minimal and keep it less confusing while in a firefight.
    7) Give us the engine of Rainbow Six 3 and Rainbow Six: Black Arrow. If Goliath is looking in, I love you guys and all, but I still think the best engine by far on ANY console game was that particular engine.
    8) (If this is going to be strictly for the next gen consoles) Much more interactive environment. As I€ve been reading about Splinter Cell: Double Agent€s multiplayer actions, the same should work here. If I wanted to kill the lights to a building, I should.

    There is yet again so much more that I would like to include, but for now, this is enough.
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    1. Don't worry about PEC mode, it's fine. Besides, there is an option to play without it.
    2. I'd like to see more stats like counter-strike PC (some nice text on your death screen), like how many times I shot the person and how much damage I did to them and accuracy, and how much they've done to me so I won't ***** when they killed me and I think I was better than them...prove me wrong! lol
    3. Option for Admin to set random spawn points or ability to pick different spawn points before match starts.
    4. More admin options like warning other players that they're gonna get kicked if they don't change their ways (annoying ppl, racism, whatever.) Even an "Admin Slap" would be nice (knock the player down to 50 health for TKing or Friendly fire)
    5. For the love of god, please turn off dead talking to the living, it ruins survival.
    6. Some more R6 3 maps, like garage.
    7. New guns like the XM8, and more pistols.
    8. Call of Duty 2 introduced a nice death cam (see last five seconds of the person who killed you through his eyes). I'd like to see that.
    9. Voting options for non-admins, like kicking players, changing maps, game type, so forth.
    10. I'd like to be able to see the names of the people that I'm following in death mode.(if it's in there I'm sorry but I'm not sitting in front of my game right now.)
    12. In PEC/non-PEC mode, if there is gonna be customization, it should be a lot of options to choose how your character looks, and a ton of options for weapons (do I want a scope on my G36c? do I want a silencer with that? and should I include a laser sight? maybe I should bring along my lighter 30 round clip than the heavy 100 round drum.) I love my options, give them to me! lol
    13. Since this is a "Must Have Multiplayer Features", all of these games(especially R6) should all support AT LEAST 2 player(if not 4 player) split screen with system link support ("guests" for online play would be nice too) And be able to see your gun too, unlike not being able to see it in 2player coop, just give the options to not have to see it. It's so hard to get a tv+xbox+game+electric outlets+room space for each person so that all of your friends can get together to play some good ol' beer chugging murder sims.
    13. Last but not least, more network optimization, balancing of weapons some more, and any other admin options that can be thought of(there's a lot of multiplayer games out there, just look for and see who else did something right that a lot of people like)
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