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    Is there a way to install starforce in vista so I can play Brothers In Arms Earned in Blood? I was hoping I could then update the drivers for starforce and play the game. Or Ubisoft and Gearbox can patch or remove starforce so it can run I can dream cant I? Thanks
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    Don't know if the game is compatible or not, but the update for the Starforce vista drivers can be found here:

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    Ya I tried them already. It says no components where found to update. I cant even get starforce on my computer to update them. lol Some users have a hard time uninstalling starforce and I can't even install them. Once I figure out how to get starforce installed I will update and I think that will fix the EiB not starting.

    I would love to play EiB to finish the story and get ready for Hell's Highway.

    Come on Ubi help a gamer out. I will even pay for the patch or removal of starforce. Please
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    I installed StarForce on my computer,i run Win.Vista Home Premium,when i try to run it the whole screen flashes and goes nuts,i then have to reboot computer to solve the problem.
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    I have no Idea what this starforce is or does anyone help me or us please
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    Unfortunately Starforce even with the Vista patch is problematic when trying to run titles that have Starforce including EIB. Make sure that you have Vista Service Pack 1 and the Staforce Vista update. Once this is done right click on the executable and select Run as Administrator.
    The stepped up security that vista runs is the issue. It has been a thorn in the side of gaming with older XP titles since it's release.
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    Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood works on Windows Vista. Starforce released an update to allow it to run on Vista; however, Starforce will not run on Windows 7 (or at least the versions that BIA:EIB is compatible with). BTW, I have Vista service pack 2

    It is a difficult process.

    1) Go to Starforce website. Select Technical Support. Download SF Helper.
    2) Install BIA:EIB
    3) Click Play -- DO NOT restart computer when prompted
    4) Run SF Helper program. It should find the problem with BIA:EIB and give you a link to download sfdrvup (Starforce Driver Update)
    5) Run sfdrvup. Restart computer when prompted.
    6) Now right click on EiB.exe and select properties then compatibility and run as Windows XP SP2
    7) Now right click on EiB.exe and run as administrator. This should launch the program so you can input your product key and then play the game.

    Long and drawn out, but it works. UBIsoft could have made it easier on us!
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