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    Been away from SH for awhile and just saw that SH5 is coming out. Can't wait. From what I've seen so far it will be Atlantic and Med and you can move about the U-Boat like Call of Duty. Is that correct? I haven't seen anything on what sub types will be in it. Any chance of the Type XXIII? Have to break out SH4 again and brush up on my shooting skills or lack thereof... Has anyone had issues with SH3 and Vista? I hadn't tried to load it after my XP machine crashed.
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    Welcome back. I had SH3 running great on a Vista system...and now on a Windows 7 system.(eventually!!!)

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    Yes, I really hope they include the type XXIII as a playable sub this time! As apposed to the (in SH-III) included type XXI, the type XXIII actually saw some action. Among others it accounted for the last two sinkings by german submarines during the war (two ships on the last day of the war). To be able to navigate a nimble type XXIII against strong opposition in the english cannel, late in the war, should be a tough and possibly rewarding experience...
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    I think, that the developers definently will include one of the two types in the game, but they will probably first be available in the start or middle of 1945
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    U480 A stealth Uboat

    Did anyone see the discovery channel documentory about U480?
    It was dived by Innes Macartney and the boat is covered in a rubber material all over which has holes in it, the rubber is laid in two layers and glued to the Uboat completley. The purpose of the rubber is to absorb the sonar from Asdic Sets and make the Uboat invisible in the water. U480 sank 5 ships in 5 days without detection in the English channel around the D-Day landings period. She was sunk on her next mission by a deep laid mine after the Britsh read her signals at Blecthly and mined the convoy route U480 had been working. They said in the documentory that another six Uboats had been covered in the rubber and were never discovered. I just wondered if anyboady has heard of this before and could name the other six Uboats or if they were the same class of boat etc.
    Makes you wonder if they had done this to a type XXI the war could have been a different story.
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