Totally new to gaming via console play.
Been playing MMORPG on a pc for the past three years. Totally disgusted with were "there" going with the game so when a co-worker was selling a wii for cheap & I decided to buy & give it a try.

After much browsing of different games I went out & bought my very 1st.
Red Steel 2 and Wow am I impressed!
Fun, exciting & what a workout! Who needs a gym with this game? :-)

But there are some things I would love to be able to do.

Can I?..

Re-fight bosses? Just for the fun of it.

Re-train abilities? Just for practice. Or are there fight dummies I can practice against?

I totally dig the view we have when we fight.
I never get to see me. ;-/
Is there anyway to view from the side front etc.

Many & Much Thanks!